Dating on vacinity

ARMA 4 - My Wishlist

2020.11.25 19:19 Vagrant151 ARMA 4 - My Wishlist

I know that we're a long ways coming, realistically probably 1-2 years before we even get some sort of announcement, and much more before we're playing the game. But as I've been spending a lot of time in the Eden Editor lately I figured I'd throw some thoughts about what I think will make the next chapter of this series even better.
Bohemia Interactive, like Taleworlds, has always found their longevity by giving powerful tools to their players to generate more content. And this is a trend that needs to continue as we move forward. I am hoping that in Eden 2.0, we scrub the ARMA 3 Tools altogether. They're dated. There are 20+ separate tools, and they're just not easy to use. Mostly I assume this is because they've used the same tool pipeline with a few updates here and there since OFP.

So what do I want to see with Eden 2.0?

Map creation and editing from the editor.
I'm sure I'll have more ideas to come, but here's my starting list. What do you all think? And what sort of things are you looking forward to in the next evolution in ARMA?
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2020.08.10 09:41 the_pupilwx Are there international dating apps?

I am thinking about starting to date (am 25 m) but super nervous caused I never did.
So I thought I might get some practice flirting and used to the idea on a dating app :P
I want it to be international because I don't want anyone from my vacinity to know me. And I'm kinda shy about it rn
Advice and recommendations are welcomed
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2020.06.26 16:46 film_nerd406 The X-Men Season 8 - The Final Chapter (Episodes 4-6)

Season 8 - The Final Chapter
Executive Producer - Damon Lindelof

Episode 4 - Blackbird
Everything opens up on pitch black, and after a couple seconds, we abruptly cut to the middle of the woods, with the location seeming distant yet familar as the camera pans into the setting until we reach a camp site. We then cut to inside one of the cabins where we see Hank McCoy rocking and back forth in one of the corners, and we soon realize that this is the base of The Brotherhood sometime in between seasons 5 and 6. With a depressed look in his eyes, Hank slowly stands up and grabs a roap as he stands on top of a nearby desk. Hank looks down in sadness as he ties the rope to the one of the rafters, and it's clear what he's doing. Hank slides the rope on his head and prepares to kick off the desk in order to kill himself, but, right as he's about do it, Hank backs out and quickly cuts the rope down with a look of disappointment. The camera eerily pans towards Hank's blue and scarred face, and as it does, we fade into a familar shot of Hank where things left off, and although he's getting better, we can still see how internally tortured he is. From a calender in the back of Hank's room, we can see that the date is June 3rd, a detail that will come back to haunt us later. In the foreground, Hank stares out the window, reflecting on the past few months. Hank thinks back to where he once was, remembering being in The Brotherhood and how ruthless he was during that period, still feeling guilt about what happened and not knowing any way to make up for it.
As this happens, Erik is forced to deal with the aftermath of killing the rioters in Genosha, and although the rioters were destroying the island, Erik is still seen as the villain by the media because of him being a mutant. Although Erik knows what he did was wrong and he should feel a severe amount of guilt, he instead feels almost no remorse, telling himself that the rioters got what they deserved and refusing to make a statement. Because of this, much of the world turns against Genosha, and a eavily frustrated Victor visits Erik in his home, pleading Erik to apologize so that their nation doesn't crumble and they can achieve peace with humans. However, Erik tells Victor that they've already tried doing this for years but nothing has worked, asking what the point of this all of this if history is just going to continue to repeat itself agasint their kind. Enraged, Victor says that Erik is acting like Shaw and if he thinks like that nothing will get better, to which Erik tells Victor, "How the hell is this supposed to fix anything, Victor?! Give me one good reason!" Upon hearing this, Victor goes silent, quietly telling Erik that Raven wouldn't have wanted this before heading out, and we see a look of sadness appear in Erik's eyes as Victor shuts the door behind him. Back at the school, Ororo walks through the hallways of the school and realixes how empty they really are, remembers how lively the school used to be as she wonders how everything went so wrong in all of this. Ororo knows that the school has had almost no publicity since the X-Men dissasembled, asking herself if they could be reformed but knowing that the school itself doesn't have much leadership. Despite this, Ororo is still optimistic and hopes to do everything she can to help Anna, telling herself that once everything is back to normal things will be better than ever as they can learn from their past mistakes. But as Ororo thinks about this with a smile on her face, we notice a look of hidden sadness in her eyes, trying to push away the thought that most likely things will never be as good as they once were. At the same time, Anna remembers her freindship with Bobby and thinks about how she would give anything just for him to be back here for one day, wiping the tears from her eyes as she snaps back to reality. Anna looks around at her desk, now unable to focus on what she was previously doing and instead reaching into her drawer and pulling out an old polaroid of her, Bobby, and Warren, tearfully smiling as she does.
Meanwhile, Hank sees the reports about what happened on Genosha and knows that Erik needs him right now, telling everyone that he's going to Genosha for a couple days after packing his bags. After hearing this, Logan sees this as a chance to see his brother and manages to convince Hank to let him go with him, for some reason wanting to see everyone close to him as his healing factor dissipates. Soon, Logan heads off with Hank, and as he sits in the passengers seat in Hank's car, Logan coughs into his sleeve, pulling away to horrifically see that he's coughed up a large amount of blood. As Logan slowly widens his eyes, everything cuts to Moira's lab, where she studies her mutant 'test subject' in order to see if the cure has worked, sadistically smiling upon seeing that it has. We soon get a closer looks at the mutant, seeing that he's horrifically deformed from all the expirmintation Moira has done on him over the years and wanting nothing more than for the torture to stop. Moira knows that the cure is now complete, then approaching the mutant as he begs for Moira not to do anything else to him, to which Moira grimaces and says, "Can you please shut the hell already?" The mutant then widens his eyes as Moira pulls out a vial of a posionous substance, and the mutant pleads for Moira not to do this, only to be met with no response as Moira injects the needle into his arm.
Later that night, Pitor aimlessly flips through news channels, then realizing that they all seem to be covering the same exact thing and stopping in order to pay attention, which ends up horrifying Piotr. On the night of June 3rd, 1989, the Chinese government sends the military to ruthlessly gun down the protesters in Tiananmen Square while hidden cameras film the entire thing in day that will be remembered forever. Piotr tearfully watches in dread as a man in his 20's takes shelter in a bus, only to be pulled out by a group of shoulders and shot in the head, with Piotr then unable to watch any longer and turning off the television. Piotr truly realizes the extent of the violence and hatred that his homeland has spread, accepting that he can't keep defending his ideology and has to accept how horrible and unforgiving his people often are. Nearby, Anna steps out of her room with tears in her eyes after seeing the same thing that Piotr did, still in disbelief when she's suddenly approached by Kurt, who's just as shocked by the events as Anna is. Kurt, feeling a new sense of helplesness, tells Anna that they need to be doing more to help the world, saying that they can't keep hiding to which Anna says that they're helping with pro-mutant causes and other things. In response, Kurt tells Anna that hatred towards mutant is at an all time high and there's less people at the school then ever, yelling that they have to change this and take a stand for once. After calming down, Kurt says that they're not hiding, but they're not doing anything to stop all of this either, then slowly walking off and leaving Anna saddened in the empty corridors outside her room. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 5 - Eleanor Rigby
We slowly fade into a peaceful sunrise early in the morning, and as the camera pans downs, we see Anna walking towards the school's garden with a set of flowers in her hands as she sorrowfully holds back tears. Soon, Anna stops about halfway through the garden and puts down the flowers at the graves of Bobby Drake and Warren Worthington, which are placed right next to eachother in the very center of the garden. Anna breathes heavily as she looks at the site in front of her, now unable to hold in the tears any longer and crying on the ground, still in shock over the fact that her freind is gone and has to live her life without him. While looking at Bobby and Warren's grave, Anna thinks about how both of them died within an instant and how she was there both times, which has been extremley traumatizing for Anna as she continues to mourn. However, Anna knows that while Warren died in agony, Bobby died in peace, reflecting on how she has to do everything she can while she's still here and has to stay optimistic, just like Bobby did for many years. Anna tries to find words to say, not having any big monolouge or speech about the two of them relating to how they much they meant to her, and instead tearfully saying, "It's... it's really beautiful out here." Anna then slowly stands up and wipes the tears from her eyes, content with the words she just said and beggining to move on as she walks back to the school, having a lot to reflect on due to the events of episode 4.
Several hours later, Moira disposes the corpse of the mutant test subject, throwing the body into a pit of fire into it turns to ash, and we don't see even a hint of remorse on her face as she horrifically does this. Afterwards, Moira takes a vial of the cure and puts into a package, planning to unveil it to the United States Government and get the cure approved to get dispesened, sadistically smiling as she seals the package. But, as Moira does, we notice a painful look in her eyes, clearly having a large amount of motivation for doing this, although this isn't exactly clear yet, with Moira trying to do everything she can to hide the pain. Meanwhile, Kurt quietly thinks back to his arguement with Anna at the end of the previous epsiode, at first doubting himself and wondering is he was being too harsh before cursing at himself for even thinking this. Kurt reminds himself about how bad the situation is going, remembering that people barley know about the school anymore and with The X-Men being disbanded, there's noone who's really helping mutants. Kurt knows that what he told Anna is right and heavily stands by this, desperatley wanting for things to get better and finally tired of just sitting around while hoping for the situation to improve. A look of determination then appears in Kurt's eyes, and as it does, everything cuts to Hank and Logan silently driving into Genosha, looking at the destroyed and burned bridge as they carefully drive through it.
With a lot on his mind, Logan tries to listen to the radio, which talks about how ocean ports have been shut down following the mass ocean disasters, and Logan then tries to change the station to music. As Logan flips through the stations like a child, Hank slaps his hand away before turning off the radio, leaving the two of them to sit in akward silence until Hank asks, "Why did you really want to come, Logan?" Logan asks Hank what he's talking about, to which Hank says that Logan seemed so eager to see his brother despite the unrest Genosha is facing and the fact that he could've just reached out to him some other way. Logan says almost nothing in response, and as Hank looks him in the eyes, Logan angirly says, "Shut the hell up and keep your eyes on the road." Hank sighs and keeps on driving, soon seeing Genosha's skyline. At the same time, Logan reaches into his pocket to get a ciggerate, then remembering that he gave up smoking and realizing he's going back to old habits, then apologizing to Hank for snapping at him. Upon hearing this, Hank silently nods and we cut to the two of them arriving at Genosha where they're greeted by Erik, who gladly welcomes them in while Logan asks where Victor is before running off to find him. After a bit, Logan knocks on Victor's door, who's suprised to see Logan as he lets him in, with the two then sititng down and Logan coughing into his sleeve, then rolling it up to hide the blood. Victor asks Logan why he came here, and at first, Logan seems like he's going to tell Victor something important, only to say that he just wanted to see his brother, to which Victor smiles and hugs Logan. Back with Hank and Erik, they catch up on the past couple of months before Hank asks how Erik is dealing with the rioters, and Erik sadly says, "God, I wish Charles was here. He would know to fix this all." In response, Hank nods and puts his hand on Erik's shoulder with tears in his eyes, and as the two of them embrance, we see Piotr depressingly sitting in his room as he reflects on the horrific events in China. Piotr reluctantly accepts to himself how opressing his home-country and it's allies truly are, feeling extremley powerless in all of this but at least knowing that he's accepted the truth and can try to move past this.
As this happens, Anna sits with Ororo in her office, saying she's finally realized that they need to be doing more to protect mutants, to which Ororo looks into the distance and tells Anna about her past. Ororo says that she alawys feared the day her people would find out she was a mutant and that they can't let people continue leaving like this, and right at that moment, a student bursts into the room. The student tells the two of them to turn on the television, and as Anna opens her mouth to ask what this is about, the student grabs the remote and turns on the televison as every news outlet shows the same thing. Now, the mutant cure has been revealed by Moira McTaggert, with plans to begin dispencing in by the next week as the entire world watches in shock and having a way to eradicate mutants forever. Anna nearly faints upon seeing this, and as she does, we suddenly cut to the Atlantic ocean, where two fishermen sit on a boat, completley ignoring the urgent warnings to not go out into the sea. The two fisherman soon begin to hear a distant noise, looking around to see the source of this and realizing it's from a nearby, uninhabitated island, heavily confusing both of them. All the sudden, the entire grounds quakes as the living island horrifically stands up, being over a thousands feet tall as it monstourasly looks at the fishermind with it's voice (Winston Duke) loudly booming. The living island tells the fisherman that it is Krokoa, and it's time for their demise. The fisherman try to do everything they can to get away, but Krokoa grabs the fisherman and holds them up to his red eyes. However, as Krokoa looks into the fisherman's fearful eyes, he backs out of murdering them, dropping them into the ocean, although the impact kills them anyways, before slowly walking off. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 6 - Let It Be
Everything opens in a New York bar, and as the camera slowly pans throughout it, we can tell that this is some time during the early 1960's, many years before the start of the series, with the school not even existing yet. The camera soon stops at a young and adventerous Charles Xavier, only his mid 20's at this point as he drinks alone in the middle of the bar, surveying his surrondings with a look of determination in his eyes.Before long, we realize that Charles is actually looking at Moira McTaggert, not having met her yet and clearly attracted to her, eventually mustering up the courage to walk up to Moira as he sits down next to her. Charles asks Moira if he can buy her a drink, to which Moira accepts the offer as she puts out a ciggerate, and as the drinks arrive, Charles introduces himself to Moira, and she does the same. From the moment the two of them first see eachother, Charles and Moira are already in love, having no clue about the devestating and disasterous outcome that this relationship will have on both of their lives. As Charles and Moira look eachother in the eyes, we slowly fade to Moira where things left off, now looking much older than in the flashback and having gone through a massive amount of trauma since then. Moira looks down in sadness before concentrating on her work, wiping the tears from her eyes as she prepares for a board meeting on how to dispense the cure and how to get it out to other countries or areas. As this happens, Erik sits alone at night after Hank and Logan left to go back to the school not too long earlier, now flipping through TV channels and soon shockingly discovering the news about the mutant cure. Erik screams in rage, crushing every metal object in the vacinity and throwing it up into the air before it all comes crashing down, with Erik then taking a heavy breath as he promises himself to not let the cure spread.
The following morning, the school deals with the aftermath of the cure being announced, with all of the students demanding to know answers about everything and many wanting to cure. In response to all of this, Anna and Ororo call an assembly to adress everyone's questions, and elthough the two of them know just as much as everyone else, they try to keep everyone calm and stable during this time. At the end of the assembly, one of the students asks if what the point of the school is if they'll all be cured, resulting in a silence until Anna says, "No. Becuase we're not some disease that needs to be wiped out." Anna then walks off the stage, ending the assembly in a state of unrest as we cut to soon after this, where Hank approaches Anna as she sits by herself in the lounge, who notices that Anna has tears in her eyes. After talking with Anna for a bit, Hank tells her that she's shocked she doesn't want to get the cure, to which Anna says that she's learned to accept her powers, just like Hank and everyone else should. Upon hearing this, Hank goes into a frenzy of rage, saying that he looks like a complete monster, and Anna says that in Hank once wanted her to accept her powers and he's now going against everything he believed in. Hank prepares to say something in response, but instead silently storms off while Anna looks at him in dissapointment, remembering who he once was and extremley saddened by the person he's become. Back on Genosha, Erik gives a massive speech to the people of the nation, angirly saying that they need to stop these people no matter the costs, or else the entire mutant race will be eradicated forever. Afterwards, Victor talks with Erik, saying that he knows Erik wants to resort to violence but if they do that, they're no worse than the humans, and Erik tells Victor that it's impossible to be worse than them. While attempting to keep his temper hidden, Victor tells Erik that no matter what they'll alawys have Genosha, and in response, Erik slaps Victor across the face, saying that it doesn't matter if everyone else is gone. As he gets up, Victor begins to slowly extract his claws, then remembering what he should told Erik and instead telling Erik, "Do whatever the hell you want, but I won't help you with it, you maniac." Victor then walks off towards his car, driving towards the bridge of the island as he prepares to leave, looking back to see if Erik is there before driving away with a look of sadness and dissapointment on his face.
Several hours later, Erik walks into his house and opens up a safe, revealing a reconstructed version of his metal helmet and slowly sliding it on, looking at an old picture of him and Charles as he does. Holding back tears, Erik tells himself that he'll do what Charles didn't have the guts to, then going to his phone and calling to Hank to tell him about what he's planning, who says that he'll be there soon. We then cut to the other end, where Hank looks down in sadness as he hangs up, feeling as if he has no choice other than this and leaving the school from the back gate so nobody sees hom as he goes to help Erik. Elsewhere, Krokoa roams the Atlantic, now on the verge of starvation and cursing himself for feeling remorse for the fisherman as everything cuts to Anna sitting at the doorstep of the school with a lot on her mind. At that moment, Piotr walks past Anna, who's stopped in his tracks as Anna where he's going, to which Piotr reveals that he's leaving the school and needs to pay for his sins, only to be held back by Anna. Anna tells Piotr that when she first came here, she thought she was a terrible person as well and considered leaving many times, but now she feels like she truly has a family and somewhere she belongs. After Anna says this, Piotr reluctantly decides to stay, telling Anna that he just doesn't want to be a bad person, and Anna assures Piotr that, "Soon, you'll come to realize that you never were one in the first place." At the same time, Logan sits with Ororo in the school's garden, casually talking with her for a bit until he finally convinces himself to tell Ororo that he's still in love her, and the two go silent after this. With a look of sadness in his eyes, Logan tells Ororo, "I know you don't feel the same way, but... I just needed to get that off my chest." Ororo then understanably nods, hugging Logan as the camera pans out.
All the sudden, everything cuts to Times Sqaure where a press confrence talks about the mutant cure when Erik, along with hundreds of Genoshian's and Hank, destructively arrive at the scene. With his eyes glowing white, Erik lifts up every metal object in the area and kills dozens of humans while the rest of the Genoshia's murder many others, although some are killed by the ensuing gunfire. As Erik sees civilains trying to fight back, Erik shakes his head and turns their guns back towards them, ruthlessly killing them before telling the Genoshians to continue onward, with Erik now splattered in blood. Mutilated corpses now line the streets of the city, and the camera slowly pans down to show Hank sadly trudging through all of them, looking at their lifeless faces with regret in his eyes. CUT TO BLACK.

Next: Episodes 7 & 8
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2020.04.18 00:13 film_nerd406 Spider Man: Life Story Season 2: The 70's

Season 2: The 70's
Director(s): The Safdie Brothers

Episode 1 - Staying Alive
In the spring of 1971, Peter Parker (Timothee Chalamet) is in his final year of college and his life seems to be going better than ever. Peter has been dating Gwen Stacy (Elle Fanning) ever since his sophmore year of high school and has plans to propose to her. In addition to this, the public is now in support of Spider Man, with him becoming a well known figure around the world. On the other hand, the government is becoming increasignly angered with Spider Man for not fighting in Veitnam for them, causing the government to devolp 'heroes' of their own. Meanwhile, Harry Osborne (Lucas Hedges) has become reculsive, having devolped a terminal illness that's been slowly and painfully killing him. Now, Harry's been given a matter of months to live and in an uncharecterstic move, Norman Osborne (Woody Harrelson) has become determined to find a cure. Back with Peter, one of his classes is taught by Proffeser Curt Connors (Jeffrey Wright), and through their interactions we learn that the two have a long history together. Flashbacks reveal that in the mid 60's, Connors transformed into The Lizard after an expirement gone-wrong and fought Spider Man. But, since the fight was mostly underground, the public never found out about it, and it's remained a close secret between Peter and Connors. Because of this, Connors is aware that Peter is Spider Man and has begun to become a mentor figure to Peter. However, Peter is reluctant to become close to Connors as he doesn't want to make the same mistakes with Connors that he did with Otto. That night, Peter and Gwen have dinner at with her father, George (Toby Leonard Moore). Afterwards, Peter asks George permission to propose to Gwen but George denies Peter's request. Elsewhere, Connors in the midst of packing up his things to leave for the day when suddenly, Norman approches him. Connors asks Norman what he wants and Norman gives Connors a breifcase, saying that he'll give Connors a large sum of money to create this serum. Connors reluctauntly agrees, but by the time he looks up, Norman has already walked out. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 2 - Rocketman
Peter enters his class with Proffesor Connors and meets a new student: Mary Jane Watson (Jessica Barden).Mary Jane's free-spirited personality contrasts Peter's uptightness, and the two start to become freinds. The following day, Spider Man stops a criminal when he's suddenly approched by Steve Rogers (Ryan Gosling), AKA Captain America, a widely known government agent and war hero. Captain America tells Spider Man that he's about to go to Veitnam again and that this Spider Man's last chance to join him. Spider Man refuses, promting Captain America to use propaganda in an attempt to get Spider Man to with him. However, Spider Man tells him that he doesn't want any part in the war, then swinging away. As this happens, Connors has been working incessantly on the serum as Harry's condition continues to get worse. Later, Peter has lunch with Gwen and Peter notices that Gwen seems upset. Gwen sighs, telling Peter that it feels like they've been seeing eachother less and less with Peter spending more time as Spider Man and the two of them going to diffrent schools. Peter promises to spend more time with her, struggling to maintain his relationship with Gwen while also carrying on being Spider Man. Several days later, Peter visits his Aunt May (Jamie Lee Curtis) and is dismayed to see the financial struggle she's currently facing. Peter offers to help even though he doesn't have much money himself, but May tells Peter that she shouldn't have to worry about that. Back with Connors, he finishes the serum and decides to inject it into himself in order to test it out. Connors falls backwards and screams out in pain as it's revealed he used a formula similar to the one that turned him into The Lizard. Connors skin turns to scales as his face elongates, once again becoming The Lizard except this time, he's much bigger and much stronger. Connors loses all control of himself and as his transformation completes, he breaks the window and escapes into the night. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 3 - Stuck In The Middle With You
Early in the morning, Peter arrives at his low-paying job as a photographer for The Daily Bugle. Peter enters the office of his boss, J Jonah Jameson (Nick Offerman) and shows him exclusive pictures of Spider Man. However, Jameson tells Peter that he doesn't print stories about that kind of material, claiming that it's not really 'news'. Peter tries to convince Jameson to accept the pictures but as he finishes his sentance, Jameson demands for Peter to get out. Several hours later, The Lizard begins wreaking havoc and Spider Man rushes to stop him, needing to save both the citizens and Connors. After a long fight, Spider Man manages to hold down The Lizard and injects him with the cure. Although the cure worked the first time Connors transformed into the Lizard, it ends up doing barley anything. The Lizard then pulls the needle out and injures Spider Man before escaping. Soon after this, Peter tells Gwen that it seems like he's more stressed then ever and is worried about what to do about The Lizard. Gwen tells Peter that it's not his responsibility to got after The Lizard, to which Peter says that if anyone else gets to Connors they'll kill him. As Peter says this, everything cuts to Latin America where we see world famous hunter Sergei Kravinoff (Pedro Pascal). Kraven reads the newspaper and sees a picture of The Lizard, smiling as he does. Kraven then puts down the newspaper and calls his travel agency, telling them to get him a flight to New York. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 4 - Bohemian Rhapsody
Several days after the events of episode 3, Kraven arrives in New York, fully prepared to hunt and kill The Lizard. As this happens, Peter continues searching for The Lizard, who hasn't made a public appearence since it's first one. Peter suits up as Spider Man and goes into the sewers in an attempt to find The Lizard. Eventually, Spider Man ends up finding The Lizard only to met by Kraven. Kraven shoots at The Lizard, causing it to run away. As Kraven runs after The Lizard, Spider Man stops him and nearly apprehends him until Kraven stabs Spider Man, then getting away. Soon after this, Gwen tends to Peter's wounds, who now must protect The Lizard from Kraven while also stopping The Lizard from hurting anymore people. Elsewhere, Norman, frustrated after what happened with Connors, has his scientists start working on the serum. Everything then cuts to The Lizard where we see that the human side of him is trying to fight back against The Lizard side, showing that there's still some part of Connors left. The following day, Peter walks to his colledge class when suddenly, The Lizard bursts through the glass. As everyone runs out of the builidng, Peter instead runs towards The Lizard, determineds to stop him before it's too late. Peter manages to get a hit on The Lizard but as he goes in for another one, The Lizard throws him through the wall. The Lizard slowly walks towards the rubble and he does, Peter arrives in his Spider Man costume. Spider Man uses his web shooter to collapse a light on The lizard, who quickly gets back up and chases Spider Man throughout the building. Spider Man climbs onto The Lizard's back and tries to appeal to Connor's emotions. However, right as it seems like Spider Man may have gotten through to Connors, The Lizard side of him takes over and throws Spider Man to the ground. The Lizard prepares to kill Spider Man but before he can, Mary Jane appears and distracts The Lizard. The Lizard looks up at Mary Jane and starts running towards her and Spider Man webs The Lizard's feet shut. The Lizard tries to claw at Spider Man, who webs his arm together, then webbing him to the wall. Thinking that The Lizard is trapped, Spider Man gets Mary Jane and the other remaining students in the building to safety. Spider Man then goes back to the spot where he trapped The Lizard only to find that The Lizard's escaped. Spider Man rushes out of the building and sees The Lizard from afar. Spider Man begins chasing after The Lizard, with the chase ending after The Lizard is attacked by Kraven. Spider Man faces off against Kraven and The Lizard at the same time, but the fight comes to a halt after the police, led by George Stacy, surrond them. Suddenly, The Lizard begins ruthlessly killing the officers, causing Spider Man to become distracted, now being focused on saving the officers. Kraven uses this oppurtnity to shoot and kill The Lizard and as Spider Man sees The Lizard's corpse, Spider Man starts to pound away at Kraven, beating him to a pulp. A look of realization appears on Kraven's face as he discerns who he should've been hunting all along. As Spider Man walks away, we fade in to Veitnam where Flash Thompson (Richard Ellis) enters a veitnamese village with a group of soliders. Flash and the soldiers prepare to gun down the villagers when suddenly, a sheild knocks them to their feet. Flash looks up, saying, "I knew you'd be a tratior." The camera pans up to reveal Captain America holding the sheild in his hands. Captain America spits as Flash, telling him that, "You go back... and you tell Stark that these people are under my protection." CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 5 - Alone Again
On a cold, rainy day, Peter stands with Gwen at George Stacy's funeral while on a news report, Jameson gives a rundown of the recent events in which he brands Spider Man as a menace. Jameson blames Spider Man for all the deaths caused by The Lizard and Peter blames himself as well. Gwen falls into depression, not talking to anybody and consinintley skipping her classes. Elsewhere, the government sends Tony Stark (Aaron Taylor Johnson) in a mechanized flight suit after Captain America, who has turned on the government in Veitnam. In addition to this, Flash goes after Captain America with a group of soldiers, angered at Captain America for embarrasing him. Meanwhile, Norman's scientists are nearing completion on the serum that will save Harry's life. Several days later, Gwen breaks up with Peter, telling him that she can't handle being in a relationship right now. With a heavy heart, Peter reluctantly tells Gwen that he understands, and as she walks away, Peter looks at the wedding ring he was going to give her, then closing his eyes in sorrow. Back in Veitnam, Captain America saves a group of innocent civilans when suddenly, Stark, or, as he calls himself, Iron Man, arrives at the scene. Captain America warns Iron Man to retreat before it's too late, but Iron Man instead makes a witty remark and fires at Captain America. Captain America manages to narrowly avoids the bullets and swings his sheild at Iron Man, damaging the rocket booster on his back. At that moment, Flash and his group of soldiers arrive and Flash prepares to kill Captain America. Suddenly, the damage to Iron Man's rocket booster causes it to explode, nearly killing everyone in the vacinity. In the aftermath, Stark is put into a coma and Flash, who was especially close to the blast, loses his legs. Soon after this, Captain America saves a village but as he does, the same villagers he saves brutally murder a group of American soldiers. Captain America kneels over the soldier's dead bodies and looks at how young they were. How they died for a hapless cause which shouldn't have occurred in the first place. Realizing that there's no side who's actually doing the right thing in the war, Captain America turns himself in, swearing never to go back there again. Everything then cuts to Harry on the verge of death. Norman visits his son in the hospital and injects the completed 'Green Goblin Serum' into Harry's arm. Harry begins thrashing around and screams in pain as green veins appear on his skin. Norman slowly steps back, assuring Harry that this will save his life. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 6 - Purple Haze
Not long after the events of episode 5, Harry wakes up in the hospital feeling remarkably well. Furthermore, Harry's illness has almost completley gone away and with Norman's advice, Harry continues taking the serum. Soon, the effects of the serum increase as Harry starts to display superhuman strength, senses, and agility. Harry reunites with Peter and the two haven't seen eachother in almost a year. However, a freindly discussion dissolves into a bitter arguement, resulting in a physcial fight. To Peter's shock, Harry wins the fight, who then leaves Peter collapsed on the ground. Throughout the next couple of days, Peter visits May, who consoles him about his break-up with Gwen Stacy. Elsewhere, Harry becomes addicted to the serum and Norman does nothing to intervene, claiming that it's greatly beneficial. Harry ends up visiting Gwen after finding that she broke up with Peter, now hoping for a second chance. Harry attempts to comfort Gwen, but she quickly realizes that he's trying to do the same thing as before. Harry grabs Gwen's wrist, telling her that he's been in love with her ever since the first time he saw her. Gwen breaks free of Harry's grasp and runs outside, once again leaving Harry angry and alone. That night, Peter sits at a bar when he ends up seeing Mary Jane there as well. Peter goes over to Mary Jane and the two get drunk together. At one point, Peter accidentally reveals his secret idenity, but Mary Jane assumes he's just saying this because he's drunk and brushes off the remark. Meanwhile, after wallowing in his sorrows, Harry stumbles into Norman's office where he comes across a confidential file with his name on it. Harry opens up the file and disocvers the horrible truth about the serum. In a series of flashbacks, we see that Norman's scientists come up with the idea for The Green Goblin Serum, but they'll need a human subject. With the help of a large amount of poison, as well as bribing many doctors, Norman managed to trick Harry into thinking that he was dying for the past 7 years. Realizing he's been nothing but a pawn in Norman's game, Harry screams in rage, then suddenly laughing at the prospect of Norman's demise. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 7 - Death On Two Legs
In a crazed state, Harry ingests injects himself with every vial of The Green Goblin Serum he can find, severley overdosing on it. The mutations soon kick in, and Harry painfully transforms a ghoul-like creature. His mind is completley warped, with only his fury and rage remaining. Harry breaks finds a 'glider', body armor, and many other weapons in a secret room and then breaks into Oscorp, killing anyone who stands in between him and Norman. After seeing a news report about the attack, Peter suits up as Spider Man and rushes to stop Harry. Before Harry can kill Norman, Spider Man confronts him, telling Harry that this isn't him. Harry asks Spider Man why the hell he should trust him, and in reponse, Spider Man takes off his mask, revealing his identity to Harry. Harry pauses and then yells at Peter, saying that Peter was in league with Norman this whole time. Peter opens his mouth to speak, but as he does, Harry shoots him in the leg before confronting Norman. Harry presses the gun against Norman's head and prepares to pull the trigger. However, Harry can't bring himself to kill his father despite everything Norman's done to him. Without hesitation, Norman gets up and pushes Harry in the way of the debris, seemingly killing him. Norman then escapes from the ruined building and encounters Spider Man. Norman is forced to reveal everything about Harry as well as the serum. Spider Man demands to know where Harry is, to which Norman tells Spider Man that Harry is dead. Spider Man swears to bring Norman to justice, but Norman simply laughs him off and then drives away. The following day, Peter tells Gwen what happened, snd she breaks down in tears, saying that it's her fault Harry went mad. Meanwhile, a construction crew cleans up the wreakage of Oscorp when suddenly, Harry bursts through the rubble and murders everyone around him. Harry is still alive, and even more bloodthirsty for revenge. However, Harry's decided on a new target: Peter Parker. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 8 - Fire And Rain
Shortly after the ending of episode 7, Harry wreaks havoc across the city in order to draw out Spider Man. Soon, Spider Man confronts Harry and tries to bring him back to the light. However, Harry is too far gone and heavily injuries Spider Man. Harry then holds Spider Man by the throat and tells him that he must experience true pain. After saying this, Harry drops Spider Man and flies off. Spider Man quickly gets up and, thinking that Harry is referring to Aunt May, rushes towards May's house. Elsewhere, Norman wallows in his sorrows, feeling regret for what he did to Harry. Norman breaks down in tears as he flips through old photos of his son, then overdosing on pills and falling unconcious. Soon after this, Peter rushes into May's house only to find... nothing. May is eating dinner peacefully at the table and nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. At that moment, Peter realizes who Harry is really going after and quickly swings to the city. Meanwhile, Harry holds Gwen hostage on the Brookyln Bridge, telling the police that, "If you shoot me, she dies!" Suddenly, Spider Man arrives and Harry cracks a smile. In the ensuing chaos, Harry grabs Gwen and haphazardly flies around the area with her. Spider Man manages to disable the glider and Harry, Gwen, and Spider Man land at the top of a tower. Harry fights Spider Man, but Spider Man is reluctaunt to hurt Harry as he believes that his freind is still in there. Eventually, Harry overpowers Spider Man and starts pummeling him, screaming in rage as he does. Harry tells Spider Man that he took everything from him as his beats Spider Man nearly to death. But, as Harry goes in for the finishing blow, Spider Man brings himself to fight Harry and kicks him back. Spider Man and Harry engage in a brutal fight as Gwen watches from close by. The fight ends with Peter's standing atop Harry and about to aprehend him when Peter looks at Harry's beaten face. Harry, seeing the remorse in Peter's eyes, reminds him of their history and manages to convince him to let him go. As Peter steps away, Harry laughs, asking Peter how he could've been so foolish. Peter's eyes widen as Harry grabs Gwen and holds her off the edge of the building. Harry tells Peter that all that Peter has done has led to this moment, and now, Peter will finally see the consequences for his actions. With that, Harry throws Gwen off the tower. Peter screams and pushes Harry out the way as he dives towards Gwen. Everything slows down as Peter activates his web shooters and tries to catch Gwen. Peter ends up catching Gwen and a look of relief appears on his face. Peter then rushes towards Gwen but his smile fades away as she doesn't respond to him. Peter holds Gwen in his arms and feels for a pulse only to find none. Tears stream down from Peter eyes as he realizes that the whiplash caused by Peter stopping her fall was what killed her. The camera pans up to show Peter on his knees, hysterical crying at yet another death caused by his recklesness. At the top of the tower, Harry watches on in sadness, taking in what he's just done and having been part of the death of one of the only people he ever cared about. In the aftermath, Harry turns himself in and Norman goes into hiding, both of them having realized the faults of their actions. The day of Harry's trial, a prison guard goes to get Harry only to find that he's hung himself. Back with Peter, he attends Gwen's funeral and considers stopping being Spider Man. As Peter is about to throw his Spider Man suit away, he thinks back to Uncle Ben's words and slides his mask back on. Over a year later, Peter sits with Mary Jane on a rooftop, with the two of them having kept in touch after graduating college. Mary Jane reveals to Peter that she knows he's Spider Man, saying that it was obvious to her from when she first met him. Peter smirks and Mary Jane slowly puts her hand over his. The two then look into eachothers eyes and share a kiss as everything fades to black.

Next: Season 3 - The 80's
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2019.12.10 23:50 AKBHWriter Fedorapedia - Fedorus Pugnes

Hello again Moonhorse and the ever fantastic Celestial Herd! AKB here, writing to you all from my fortified blanket bunker in the middle of the city of steel! So, you might be wondering, what do I have for you today? Well my friends, its something quite special alright. We know all about Neckbeards here don't we? Or at least I assume so. What I've decided on a whim, is to catalogue Neckbeards and their behaviours is a whimsical but "informative encyclopedia" of sorts. So that all those new to the phenomenon of Neckbeards can be informed, be prepared and be ready to run for it at the slightest sign that one of these mythical creatures comes into view.
To aid me in this, I'll take after the old poets and request some aid with it, so I call upon the Lunar muse! May it grant this hopefully amusing author with the inspiration needed to give you all something that at least kills some time in your day and at most helps you evade the Fedaura. So with that, I give you:
Fedorapedia: Fedorus Pugnes (or Neckbeards, Tsunderes and why the former won't leave you alone ...or just another excuse for me to procrastinate!)
Disclaimer: While I have studied those who have studied the blade, I'm not exactly an expert on all things Neckbeard, nor am I a doctor or anything like that, these are just my opinions and observations helped along by an old friend called alcohol! (Protip NEVER drink and write until you're a professional idiot...I am not a professional idiot, not yet anyway...)
So in our first instalment, I'm not going to cover the basic Neckbeard, that requires more time than I can currently spare that's code for LAZY. Instead of informing you of the average Neckbeard or as Beardthropology totally not made up field of study calls them, Homo Fedorus. I'll be going into a sub-type of the species, known as Fedorus Pugnes.
Now, I know what your thinking 'Pugnes' must be something to do with smell, right? Nope! Pugnes is Latin or what google translate tells me is for 'Harass.' Yes, the Fedorus Pugnes is the Neckbeared sub-type that chooses to torment its victims through harassment. However this is just through its incessant persitance in verbal communication and commonly doesn't extend to sexual harassment. The latter issue is usually caused by a crossover in certain sub-types of Fedorus within the subject.
Now, in many encounters with Neckbeards, the Fedorus in question will attempt to 'woo' his chosen victim M'lady with his perceived 'charm' fedora and 'sex appeal' trenchcoat. Because the common Fedorus lacks basic standards of Hygiene in both body and their chosen attire, said attire often being ill-fitting or unappealing to their targets, our Wooly Necked friend fails in his quest to acquire his Waifu (Pron. Y-foo.) However, while some of these mammalian beasts will stomp off in a huff, never to be heard from again except in the tales told by the troubadours of Reddit. Some of these Basement Habituating men, with stenches most foul and personalities to make Stalin do a double-take, will remain and persist their mental assault on the unfortunate woman who's affections the beard has focused his efforts upon winning. Ignoring any verbal or non-verbal cues that their victim the woman, is uncomfortable. The Neckbeard instead continues to speak of his taboo, fucking disgusting, basically a nonce socially detestable hobbies and interests. Even when their victim chosen M'lady of the hour day finally reaches a breaking point, driven to the edge by talks of his MPL Collection, [Example Loli Anime Character] and how he has a Body Pillow (Dakimakura (Pron. Da-Ki-Ma-Ku-Ra) Lit.Trans. Hug Pillow.) of said [Example Loli Anime Character] and begins to talk about Hentai (Japanese Animation Pornography - Sidenote, most of what a Neckbeard talks about with this topic is questionable, even for Adult content.) Sometimes, they even go to the lengths of producing a mobile cellular device to even show the unfortunate M'lady their favourite video of this genre, regardless of their current location.
This is an example of the Pugnes. And it is the sub-type of Homo Fedorus in question that we will be exploring in this issue of Fedorapedia. As in the example laid out above; we can see that it is clear they lack self-awareness and awareness of their surounding environment. They disregard or are unaware of the discomfort of others or hostility shown by others around them, instead continuing with their fucking disgusting beahviour intents. That commonly culminates in an altercation that leaves the Pugnes in some form of trouble or danger. Though we have extensive records of the average Redditor's interactions with these Mythical beings, it is still not common knowledge on why this specific sub-type persists in their actions; when to even other members of the Homo Fedorus family, it's evident that their chances are nil. That is why I am presenting this here, so you may all be informed, now you all know what a Fedorus Pugnes is, why they continue do what they shouldn't do.
The Fedorus Pugnes is a fucking troglodyte very interesting sub-type of Neckbeard. It is probably the most commonly found extreme trait found in Neckbeards across the board. Now as a Beardthropologist, I must explain that personality traits from your basic Fedorus to the far gone Blackpillica have an intersectional or connecting pool of personality traits. This is what defines them all under the moniker Neckbeard. It is why we see the traits of different Beards overlap. Each Fedorus is unique in this way but if we can see these traits then we can come to understand the Beards and deal with them appropriately. We may think of them as basic beings with basic desires but unlike your average cringe minstrel describes in their tales of Neckbeards, their big word to make it look like I'm trying to be smart socio-psychological state is much more complex than they're given credit for. They're still technically human after all but this seems to come as a surprise to some Understandable tho. With this in mind, I'll be treating the Pugnes as its own distinct entity, focusing solely on this sub-type of Beard, for simplicity of understanding them piece by piece. However, I will be referring to interests common to the Homo Fedorus that cross-over with other species such as the Homo Nihong-ohno, otherwise known as Weeaboos, as I believe it is critical to understanding the Pugnes and their rancid behaviour.
Before we continue on, I'll need to establish the concept of a Tsundere to those who aren't familiar with the terms derived from the language of the country famous for crazy game shows, RAW fish and 'ruining' an generation of social rejects across Amercia (and other places but mostly there. Let's face it they would've found something else to latch onto if not for this) with their Animus (pron. Ani-moo-s - joking word used for memes or to mess with actual Weeaboos who get sensitive about incorrect use or pronunciation of Japanese words. Ironic considering their own butchering of the Language.) The Tsundere is an umbrella personality archetype for a fictional character in Japanese Media, found most commonly in Light Novels, Manga and of course, Anime. Tsundere can be broken down into two words Tsun (trans. Bitter) and Dere (trans. Sweet.) These two words in their most literal definition when put together, mean Bittersweet in English. However, the term has come to mean something new, as words do and as I said, now refer to a personality type. To describe it simply, the Tsundere is a girl that becomes attracted to someone but becomes in denial of their feelings and refuses to show affection to their love interest. This is the Tsun dynamic of their personality at play. In Anime, it is dramatised to the point that the Tsundere usually inflicts physical violence on the love interest, with no permanent repercussions or injuries to said love interest, in an effort to mask their own feelings. Often, they resort to using words such as Baka (trans. Idiot.) Hentai (lit.trans. Pervert.) or Ecchi (lit.trans. Pervert, usually as an adjective. Yes, the Japanese do have two words for it and no, I won't explain why.) The Dere behaviour in contrast is when the Tsundere's feelings finally overtake their anxieties and they behave sweetly toward their love interest, exhibiting romantic behaviour toward their love interest which can resolve in a mutual confession of love between the Tsundere and her love interest. I should also note that while the Tsundere personality archetype isn't exclusive to one sex, the male variant takes on a far different form and thus doesn't have relevance to why I'm telling you all this.
Now, some of you might ask why this is relevant. Why am I talking about Weeb stuff? Well now I've established both the Pugnes and the Tsundere, I can explain how the latter relates to the former and the greater Neckbeard obsession fascination with Tsunderes. As I explained with the Tsundere, they have moments where they act sweet as opposed to their usually bitter personality. Something called 'Dere Mode' among Weeaboo Collectives. This usually occurs along the course of a story or due to certain interactions that the love interest makes, such as touch (also somehow the trigger for the violent Tsun part too.) For a Neckbeard of any variety to find attraction to the idea of the Tsundere, they must have some masochistic tendencies, otherwise their risk to reward valuation would put the idea as one that's more trouble than its worth. With this in mind, I'm going to present two scenarios, comparing the average Tsundere to real life Women just so the point of all this comes quicker than if I don't.
Scenario 1: A beard has just approached his victim M'lady. He begins speaking and she instantly appears visibly creeped out by him who wouldn't. He makes a crude sexual joke about women belonging in the kitchen because memes from 2009 are aparrently still relevant and funny to these idiots and then makes a crude sexual remark about her body classy. She gets annoyed and tells him to leave her alone. He doesn't. She gets increasingly annoyed, calls him a creep for ogling her because he is and attempts to leave. He grabs her arm as she tries to and she hits him away easily before storming off because they're usually weaker than a twig when push comes to shove, fortunately. The beard tries to pursue her beyond this but it unsuccessful.
Scenario 2: A Tsundere is approached by her love interest to talk about something relevant to the current plot of the story. After enough time has passed that the story relevant interaction is over, the romantic sub-plot takes precedence. The love interest, through either fault of his own or sheer misfortune at the hands of the writer stop using the same overplayed chiches please writers, makes physical contact with the Tsundere. It is clearly an accident that could never plausibly happen in real life. The Tsundere misunderstands and reacts by striking the love interest because apparently abuse counts as romance in fiction, looking at you YA Romance novels, usually with enough force to incapacitate him for all of 5 seconds. She then storms off, leaving the love interest to deal with his romantic woes.
We can see that there are some similarities in the way each scenario plays out. This is no coincidence, for the Pugnes in Scenario 1 engineered some of these events himself. Unlike the love interest, the physical contact was clearly not a mistake. You see, the Pugnes, like many other members of the Homo Fedorus family, can't, has difficulty or is unwilling to differentiate between reality and fiction think Chris-Chan. He essentially mentally projects the concept of a Tsundere onto his target M'lady as soon as they show signs of disgust, uncomfortableness or hostility. Instead of thinking whatever other functioning human being would and thinking "They're not interested in me." Good! The Pugnes think something along the lines of this. "Oh, she's looking at me like she hates my guts. She's such a Tsundere! I bet I can be the one to get her to open up to me." SHAP THIS! And will proceed to tell himself a crude innuendo concerning the M'lady's legs also opening up to him. You know the usual stupid delusional shit these people think about. This is why they don't give up. Some believe they're probably an entitled brat like Eric Cartman that's never been told no before and don't have the emotional capacity to understand rejection or that they've been 'trained' by a PUA to be persistent. These ideas might be true for some Homo Fedorus and potentially true for some that fall into the Pugnes sub-type, I believe that it's the inability or unwillingness to differentiate between fiction and reality and then attributing the Tsundere personality type to their targeted M'lady and associating the 'love interest' with themselves. Essentially attempting to force this ficitonal narrative to play out in real life. Which as we know, never goes well for them, which is good for everyone else.
As I showed in the real life scenario, even though the woman repelled his advances, he got more physical and didn't stop even after she had defended herself to get away from him. This is the unfortunate truth to the Fedorus Pugnes. Because of their disillusionment, they believe that negative to hostile behaviour from a woman is just them showing their 'Tsun' side and proceed to escalate things to physical contact stranger danger, ready the pepper spray. This contact it usually far more forceful and threatening than the love interest of a Tsundere ever does unless they are proactive in a mutual desire for the Tsundere. Even so, the love interest's behaviour rarely comes off as threatening. The physical contact can be anything from touching to grabbing and the worst offender, Kabedon (Pron. Ka-be-do-n.) It's a term I've only recently come across in Neckbeard stories concerning cosplayers and conventions but it essentially amounts to a guy trapping a girl to a wall by placing a hand in the space between her shoulder and head. They usually proceed from there by leaning in and kissing the girl super fucking creepy imo. The Pugnes believes it is a good idea to imitate these actions he has seen work in fiction, unable to understand that fiction isn't reality HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO TELL YOU. When he does, it usually ends with the M'lady fighting for her freedom. However, even if she does escape, it doesn't dawn on him that she isn't interested. Instead his excuse is likely going to be “It's okay, she's just Tsundere, she'll come around eventually.” Not gonna happen fucko and if given another opportunity to 'woo' the M'lady, he will take it. If not, he'll just find another victim to try and prey upon.
Some of the Fedorus Pugnes do however set their sights on a M'lady in their social circles as opposed to a random victim. When this happens, it is very difficult to deal with them. As I explained above, one has to be at least somewhat masochistic to be into the Tsundere archetype. A Pugnes is usually this and thus, any insults a woman hurls at them in attempts to get rid of them just sets them up as more and more of a Tsundere in the Beard's mind and some even enjoy being insulted or degraded by demeaning words. Fucking Sickos. Especially if they are the words Tsundere's commonly use, their English counterparts, or synonyms of said words. Worse yet, some can derive carnal pleasure from the experience of being insulted in this way. It is highly advised that if you encounter a Fedorus Pugnes in the wild, or if one is in your life through social circles etc. that you refrain from using horrible insults to degrade them or risk a worst case scenario where they get off to the experience at a later date. noah, we're gonna need a MUCH smaller boat.
How does one deal with such a difficult Beard then? Unfortunately there is no easy answer to how to get rid of a Beard like this. To act friendly with one would just lead to him misunderstanding again in a new way and possibly awaken the NiceGuyTM. ohno. While a direct approach to getting the Pugnes away might be most effective, it's important to remember not to insult them for reasons stated above. Telling them to leave you alone might also not work for the same reason you have to chase a PUA away with a literal stick. Unfortunately chasing away a Pugnes away with a stick wouldn't work either. FUKK. The Pugnes appears to thrive off the interaction that his chosen M'lady gives him and the amount of attention and focus she has on their conversation just serves to elevate his interest the more there is. As a Beardthropologist, it is my 'job' to study each newly discovered sub-species, deconstruct them and see what makes them tick. Even though I have no official background in psychology or qualification to do any of this. I do have beer and one hell of a blanket fort though! Does that count? While I have never encountered the Pugnes in person, I believe that if we can starve them of the attention they receive, they may lose interest quickly. It is therefore my hypothesis that if when a woman is encountered by a Fedorus Pugnes, that the latter will lose interest quickly if they:
Never make eye-contact and focus on other things in their surroundings more than the conversation. If eye-contact is made, it should be met with a dismissive look.
Throughout the course of the conversation, act disinterested in what the beard is saying. If possible, directly saying that they're not interested in whatever topic the Beard wants to discuss.
Begin adding in opinions to the discussion, not necessarily their own, that run directly counter to the Beard's own beliefs in an effort to rile them up and explode into a fit of fury.
If the Pugnes asks for a phone number, under no circumstances give it to him (or you'll never be rid of him.) Instead make up the most convoluted story about how your phone was destroyed and you don't have one any more giraffe ate it. Hopefully he'll get the message. Not the one he wants but the one he needs in that deluded skull.
If all else fails, yell your mightiest warcry at the top of your lungs, attracting the judgemental attention of all other strangers in the vacinity while simultaneously stunning the Pugnes. This moment should give you enough time to escape as you sprint like sanic to freedom. If you can't warcry for any reason, just play Braveheart at full volume on any available device. Warpaint optional.
Please keep in mind that all of these suggestions are utter shite a hypothesis on ways you could potentially rid yourself of a wild Fedorus Pugnes and could fail horribly in which case I'm not liable for what happens next or succeed spectacularly in which case I'm taking full credit. As for those of you with Pugnes in your friendship group, my only advice is that if you can, never speak to them again and block them on everything. If your intent is to get rid of them anyway. The horribly stubborn and delusional nature of the Pugnes makes them the cockroaches of the Homo Fedorus family as their unwillingness to accept the truth of a situation due to its delusion could potentially survive someone going nuclear on them and still completely refuse to acknowledge the fact that their M'lady isn't interested.
A Fedorus Pugnes (in my unprofessional opinion) that has been made infamous among Neckbeards thanks to the cringe minstrel who told the tale, is Ser Sam who attempted, failed and persisted to try and achieve his unobtainable goal of courting Lady Saber. It's a classic Neckbeard Story series that to me displays this behaviour pretty blatantly. So I'll leave you with that as reference as we end this first instalment of Fedorapedia. With the conclusion I came to, my work of Neckbeards, Tsunderes, how the latter relates to the real world in their minds, what it can explain about certain types of these almost mythical people and how we can deal with the Pugnes; comes to a close. The Homo Fedorus Pugnes is definitely not a Beard to be taken lightly and if you find yourself face to face with one, be smart about how you interact with them and try your hardest to repulse them as much as they repulse you.
Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoyed learning about this Neckbeard sub-type and possible ways to deal with them or at least that's the intent of whoever 'wrote' this piece intended. I just thought it'd be fun to write about why some Neckbeards are SO into into Tsunderes since Moonhorse once asked and then I gave a comment on that and then thought 'why don't I turn this into a full-on case study?' It shortly turned into a rabbit hole of WHY. Of course I did my best to make it fun, don't know if I succeeded but now you all have a name for this kind of Beard and I hope that this info can be useful for someone maybe. If people actually liked this style of what's basically creative non-fiction/infotainment with a whimsical narrative thrown in for fun and you all want more, then I'm happy to oblige as I have more ideas for this. And if Moonhorse would care to share his opinions on the Pugnes, I'd be happy to hear them! I've rambled long enough so I'll probably be posting again when I've written my next fiction piece. For now I return to the abyss of comfort that is my fortified blanket bunker. Adieu!
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2019.12.02 05:26 ThrowRA19300 Me (M18) has potential relationship screwed over by another girl. (Long story)

Let me not waste your time I’m going to tell you the details
A couple months ago I had joined in a after school program that is kinda like acting we’re we had a month before we preformed, In this club we were placed into groups and in my group there were a total of 6 people in this group it was 2 girls. A girl I didn’t know but was cute and I had a crush on and wanted to talk to for a while and another girl who I had a couple conversations with and though we had a lot in common but I didn’t find as physical attractive as the other girl. Not that she wasn’t good looking but she was like a 6 compared to the other girl who was like a 9/10. Let’s call the 9/10 (J) and the 6/10 girl(M)
Over that month I chat up each girl. It’s obvious that M had a crush over me at that time period every joke I told she laughed even if it was shit tier always happy to see me and always in close Proximity. J was harder to make laugh but we were still cool with each other we did have physical contact such as hugging and a handshake. It was really my first time really getting this close to girls.
Thing was me and M are very similar when it comes down to personality, we share common interest and even to my surprise same freind groups. Compared to J we didn’t have a lot in common we were sorta similar in personality but it was clear that the people she hanged out with was way different from people I hanged out with.
I decide to take my chance with J. My though process was “hey if I get rejected me and M are a perfect match anyways. But if we do date it’s a bonus anyways.” I though there was nothing wrong with asking out both as long as they didn’t find out. I ask out J and she says yes to the date, but over the course of the weeks it seems like she didn’t have as high interest in me as I had initially though she did. This came with long stares from across the room and ignoring me whenever I did try to talk to her, being left on delivered for more than a week.
Day comes to preform and the whole point up to this every conversation has been high stress. we’re warming up and getting ready to preform we do a game were in our groups we have to say whatever comes to our mind quick or else we’re out. It’s J turn and she says outloud to our group “Why did you ask me out on a dateThrowRA?” In front of everyone i wasent scared about her saying it just shocked that now if I try to talk to M it’s going to make her feel like she’s a second option and also visible to everyone else that it seemed like she was a second option.
We preform and now I’m in a weird situation. It felt like J had just equip one of those call of duty perks where when you kill someone they drop a Granade And blow you up. Fast foward to now and I basically cut her off She still looks at me and even tries to put herself In the same vacinity though I cut her off. Me and M are still freinds. I’m boarding the line between kinda flirting with her but not making my intentions to obvious. What would have been a 100% yes from her if I asked her on a date a while back is now looking like a I’m not sure from her.I don’t want to ruin our friendship if I do try or come off as I just ask out any girl I lay eyes on but I seriously do wanna be in a relationship with her.
What do I do now?
Tl;DR: Potential relationship In jeprody due to second girl I like outing me infront of another girl I like.
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2019.09.30 16:38 xX420_WeedMan_420Xx vAcCiNeS cAuSe AuTiSm

Vacines do cause autim, and here's why;
For example, a baby. Babby is born, all shots injected for her age. Years later, she gets pregnate and has her own abbby in the way. Before the due date, she looks around online to see if shots are a good idea for her baby, thus getting roped into the mom circlejerking on Facebook about vaccines, lattes, soccer practice and Chevrolet Suburbans. She asks a question on one of the pages about vaccines. Everyone there tells her no, don't do it. you baby will get artism. So she decides not to vaccinate her cchild.
Here's the causes of atuism (source of that list)
tldr vaccines do cause auitm, but its onnly applies to mothers who dont vaccinate their children. the mothers conrtact arottism
/s, vaccines do NOT cause autism, and if you think that they do you need to pull your head out of your ass and take a deep breath.
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2019.09.30 15:28 timedisplacment Most of this is incomplete resurch on my time machine experiments. And monopolar distribution

---------- Forwarded message --------- From: the rider [email protected] Date: Mon, Sep 30, 2019, 7:10 AM Subject: Monopole tech distribute please. To: breck windsor [email protected] Cc: breck windsor [email protected]
Magnets are located in newark ohio
1 behind railing down town bridge by speed way and jail going tords jail left side middle of walkway under lower rail
2 heath ohio irving wick Dr east end railing tords 30th st.
All I need now is a compass to show. Poles...magagnets I don't have at the moment. Will get.
I can make as many as I want. Just by connecting them to gather.
Sorry not right place for my paragraphs
I have created Monopole magnetic gravitation induction. Please don't believe me.
PDF doc video scamatics ect
I am not from the future. And of course i am insane. one must be to believe and accept a fraction of possibility that They have the knowledge to creat holography optics. Monoploleic magnetic alignments and fps fractals in theory of reversing the observation role in dubble split experiment. The technology and explanation and the source of all this is the time machine obviously. Harness that there you go.
Unfortunately the real paradox is I'm terminally ill from what I have done. And any attempt for such scamatics and my evidence will be erases from exsistance or some one obtains it and then uses it andthe sun explodes becouse they use it. not from magic but the effect of altering set events. It is a possible danger for any one to obtain my information. You would think you ruined your life but ultimentlly you choices are counter by product and the negituve repecution. Thus all looks normal as cause and effect.
it seams the future is predictable depending on its responsiveness to you. Your cause and effect as well as the reversal. Your influance may change The future so to prove this I need distribution of my proof. I won't get into sunspot Observatory cover up I have solar images and this resent sky phenomenon is no joke.
I have monopole n52s I created zero emf rotation up to 20000ut Any pole alignments I can do. What these things can do is unbelievable Hope Maxwell is wrong.
Gravitational unity engine
Breck w rideout
1989 to 2019
Technology on bases theory
Based from the theory of everything optical electromagnetic rotation.
(property refined from space into relation Of time perspective double spit in reversal of interaction within magnetic field taking shortest direction of mass )
thomas brown electrogravity space property in relation to special relativity and electrogravity.
Maxwells law monopoly by magnetic shielding in regards to over unity ( contradiction ) for unity generator.
John tutor c20 gravitational displacement. Pattent office.
Steven Hawkins black hole lenses dragging laser manipulation of optics in time dilation and teleportation. Fps fractals
Butter fly effect in relation to multiverse. Definitions of existence in relation to video loop feed for particles alterations ( optical displacement space.
Successful construction of prototypes with results.
Laser projection through lesce
vhs camcorders were the choice for this experiment main lenses where reversed from functionally. Concept was based on reversing the double spilt. Light photons interaction through to projectory and ultering direction in presence of being viewed. In this experiment the camcorder was loop feed to a monitor And mixer. The Principle that infinity relates to video and that if double spit experiment could altered relates then to physical event. fps frames could in fact be loop gaping for space time without electronics. And construction of a saperaton, alteration and teleportation light.
A 500ma laser was fired though a 4 lens array 2x reversed main lenses once a prism was applied betwine point A identical to point B (same) teleportation of laser gap to projectory was witnessed light was not affected from glass although technology in a projector image stoped on glass. Holography was discovered. a 7 to 12 ft. Gap was observed with higher lums. Light was not emitted to fill circumference of any opticals instead light appeared from B as 18% less circumference.
Optics was not found to decrease light but to increase past A (the source ) to increase 10% to about x2 on trajectory. Thus teleportation.
This resulted to contemplate the theory of lenses loop gap as a reference to pursue a continuation of time relevance.
Effects noted :
5 hrs after the first test hallucination occurred according to 2 subjects including the inventor witnessed a hot air balloon scrapping basket on the roof on the facility. After perusing the object no evidence was found the roof was damaged. Also witness report this phenomenon and or hallucination progressed in direction of test site projectory
day 2 according to one observer a freight locomotive. Jumped rails local evacuation flowed and tracks were serviced swiftly.
Day 3 a another locomotive derailed on the site of the property. 2 fatalities resulted at the crossing.
Day six the inverter arrived at test sight. He reports a 2 small yellow lights described as similarly to a street lamp. His dog returned from that location after 3 years of it's burial location (that location was never found ) the k9 seamed to have unnatural characteristic which decried as very unusual.
Prototype 1. Was disassembled. And the Light refractory was refined with manual zoos with multiple shutters as well as refined according to loop gap mixer of fractals.
Observations and notes
Mass accumulation of silver flacks visually documented. Objects in trajectory appeared move at speed of light. 2 individuals claimed to observe a 1940s fire truck passing approx 80mils before disappearing.
laser rotation with optic mod
500ma 10mile laser with a fixed optics. And magnetics.
Main lens x2 small optics bubble curve type LCD fincel and cameras blue beam splitter. These items were obtained from a Sony floppy disk camera. Modification in the laser head in front of the diode.

A desired light pattern was created by turning laser output into 6 trajectory force though optical manipulation to one and then beam travelled to reflective paint with N-52 magnets. These magnetics where positions in a V outward path formation. A degulzer was place next to the magnetics. For a pulse of voltage - to anti voltage photon (gravity) nuclear separation and a former created to direct laser as the carrier. Giger gage showed minimal gamma radiation emf went maximum. Half life appeared long lived with dissipate physical effects
Prototype was mounted to x2 pillow bearings. Inserted into a cylinder tube and and rotated with a dc 12v motor with belt to motor laser rotation controlled by a dc pwm speed control. Magnets, electric, sound, light, vibrations. We're induced and a voltage regulator was applied to all components.
×500 variables rpm belt drive
Last test 2018
Unification of all property's pointed to a way to combine these common relationships. By 2018 this project was finalized.
Notes /finding:
Bending lasers. Massive silver anti mater like discharge. 2 month half life. Release of gravitational effects. Humans exposure resulted from a strong gravitation included. Inability to move subjects. Felling extremely heave. And fealing of being crushed. As well as heart related cardiac symptoms.
Gravity discharge. Inexperience with telopertation. Particles and Shapes were reported to camouflage on physical objects. Mass software damage include a tube tv 2002 laptop new laptop and 2 phones. All electronics were wiped up to 30 ft. Radious. Devices exposed the appeared to have a white screen. 24 hrs electronics became operational. Objects in the vacinity appeared to blur.
How to construct gravity unity engine:
Parts : $980.00-1700 used as of 2019
5 x treadmill motor 1 hp-2.5 up.
Belt ( input out put unity in cercit)
6× pwm dc 100v ( voltage flow)
2X millatary portable laser leser hp for generation ( proton carrier)
One cicle degiszer (to create anti mater- from magnets)
Tesla coil (for rf frequencyi interactions)
100 lbs x4-80 lbs x4 fishing magnet one sided x 8 ( gravity force less resistance motor rotation)
240v reed swich op/cl (magnetic bypass cogging)
×4 dc rpm control control speed (voltage - with belt on flywheel)
X4 beam splitter ( disentangle)
dc high voltage pulse dc capditor ( perpetual motion - voltage loop)
Dc capasitor electrocilc 250v ( run )
X2 12v dc motors small belt x2 (laser bending)
Pcv for laser ×2
X2 pillow bearings ( laser housing)
Sony floopy disk optics camera ( space time diolation) parts
× 4 vhs camcorder main lence (refrator) time displacement
Vibration speaker ( change interaction of parcel alignment)
X3 Magnetic coated Coper 12 gage 100 ft.
X 2 auto 240vdc swich relay ( motor balinceing charge discharge)

Acrylic capasitor dc 120-240vdc (On/off voltage peak resistance)
Resistor inline (shunt current) 24v to 50v
5 pounds of motor coil wire (capacitance of motors limits)
Ecs millatary transport container( for air vacume pump)
Slabs of stone (for containment)
Magnetic paint ( for container inside)
Reflective paint ( redirect magnetic particals)
Vacume pump ( less rotation resistance)
Dry ice ( control particals acceleration and visability)
× 50 Smaller n-45 magnets ( for magnetic trap with rotational discharge)
3 x wireless charging with power reciver and modual (used for phone)- up size 200%
IRF540N IRF540 TO-220 N-Channel 33A 100V Power Mosfet.
Hall effect senser up to 240v( magnetic interaction)
Transistor 120v (wireless transfur)
X2 14 Gage coper wire (transfur power to motors).
4 generators are belt driven. Middle motor is source. Speed controls are used to balance amp and voltage in conjuction with abusive belt. More voltage will return to the center motor. Shortest path of resistance mos law. That cercit will fail. So we use magnets to counter load draw. A magnetic senser will by pass the magnetic cogg. Rotations force of the 2 motors repelling will be up to max capacity of the generators in series. Next a dc industrial pulse capasitor with 600v will discharge 1 v per voltage. To change differential in amps and volts. The speed dc controls are utalized. Magnetics consist of 35 kg ×4 to 64 kg x4 n52 to n45 neodymium( fishimg)These are basicly monopolies. And one side is used. In Manufacturing one side is blocked. If a magnet is used with a North and South this rotational system will fail. We use acostics that produce vibration in particals discharge. This controls the pattern of emission. A degulzer creates a atomic dispersment similar to anti mater a degulzer demagnatize and magnatiz incredulously. With a n52 this strips the magnet apart.a elctro magnetic partical realise. If a tranformer coil is located in the vacinity or wireless. Particals will interact with electric. And perpetual motion will be achieved. The use of the magnetic trap as stated above is not sensual neasry. But seams to throw electrons. (Electro magnetic discharge). Finally we use coil wireless electric transfer coils 120 v. This way the power sorce (coils) is constant and the is no load or draw except motor but it high enough to not drag down the load. These coils are avalibe as wireless phone charging. Must be engendered to specification of application.
Then monopole discovered!!!!!
Breck rideout 9/22/2019
monogravit unity propulsion generator
magnets are created with laser optic acoustics and electric coils. in the case of einstein's research of...
spin rotation and laser optical diffraction frequency vibration laser rotation and magnetic repulsion. all with variable voltage. the photons are exited with laser and an optical film in front of diode directs this discharge while rotating to the magnetic assembly rotating through a pulsation degausser coil. a second laser intersects with a wide laser spreading effect with reverse optics from a camcorder to counter and or stabilize the magnet effect to zero magnetism. for pole manipulation. a plastic drum head is fitted over the coil and a vibration speaker is attached using binomial generator speaker Jack. last is two n52 fishing magnets to direct the surrounding mag field.

ECT Hall back array
vibration speaker
camcorder optics
1950s deguiser coil 240v
treadmill motors with mounted 200lbs repelling magnets
x2 lasers class 4 portable
x4 3.5 disk camcorders
14inch drum head
12v dc motors
pillow barrings 39mm
washing machine motor
vibration speaker
mp3 player
120 to 12v transformer coil
magnets miscellaneous
results from experiments:
properties of the pole displacement include a monopoly effect with all other produced magnets. Any other magnet in the vicinity will change polarity from North south to the primary 6 pole created magnet. this consists of a n45 square magnet with 5 south poles one north on top of magnets edge. this altered alignment produces on a 360 degree rotation of 82 y field to a c y b field of combined emf. micro teslas range from normal 52 MT on 2 south's to the north edge pole with readings of -0 emf radiation. after a full 360 degrees range will increase in same axis to above 5000 ut. x2 magnets produce reading behond testing and meter and 4x times increase poundage of magnetic stacking. expansive random electricity interruptions from just the finished magnet sitting in lab. again expansive
to the other side of the universe ? a decay of a Multiverse?
string theory revered relativity and gravitational time displacement.
health risk:
Noted exposure:
include fatigue confusion artery swelling intense pain on extremities paralysis and radiation sickness.
finding from experiments:
once a monopoly magnet is produced all other attached magnets join polarity as well as other magnets of different gauss with exhibit repulsion and discharge as a projectile with approx 278 mph with a accelerometer. resulting in an explosion of that magnet.
theory and practical use
If theses are fixed to a motor rotation from 5 assembly will generate up to x1 magnetic rating. 200lbs n52 will equal 1/16 hp roughlly equivalent to the torc of a motor rated for 1/4 hp compatible to a standard washing machine motor. these magnetic motors should handle 50lbs electrical load on these generators. 240v motor to dc generation. direct run and load is achieved buy 0 resistance. this is possible because of the Association of gravity and magnetism. the 200lbs of the magnets capacity is not dependent on other magnets rotation but each smelly produces 200lbs for over load resistance for example where a belt drive would be necessary 1 motor would power the other for generators thus. this setup is evenly distributed because the each magnet array will independently produce a 200lbs force. for example 1000 lbs 4 generators = over unity as of increased magnetic force by 4 setup proximity increases × 4 = 120 hp × load draw of 80 amps 240v × EST 100 amph. to simply 5 to 10× that of a standard house hold generator. divide 3/4 resisting draw and over unity achieved. perpetual motion is achieved. by position alignment of mag generators and or the cycle of voltage interpreting the magnetic repulsion of cogging distribution to motors. self rotation is achievable. although voltage peek would need self regulator to multiple gen motors to maintain self rotation. the cogging acts as the stronger force from voltage draw self regulating for variable loads.
atmospheric safety is a concern. with self evident gravity association. upon testing alignments of magnets have produced emf radiation anomalies and repeated fast moving visual black voids as well as practical discharges that affects electronic devices. these magnets use a power source that happens to be the earth's magnetic feild one normal n52 magnet is 35 × stronger than the earth's atmospheric shiding. as back to Maxwell equation on monopolies. magnets generate lethal amounts of radiation accumulation and strip away lager body's of mass. that is why cern manufactures these under ground. IV killed my self.
Breck rideout 9/22/19
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2019.09.18 20:05 flightlesswingman Will shooting my shot end up shooting me in the foot?

Long post so get ready
I’m a 21 year old that currently lives in Sacramento, CA. I moved here back in March from Alabama so that I could escape my hometown & see what else was out there for me. Since I’ve been here my experience with dating & meeting guys has been pretty standard , you know, the whole “hey” “sup” “wyd” “what u into” “can you host” “u got pics” type of interactions that you have on the apps nowadays. The only thing that has really changed was the amount of guys in my area, since my hometown was smaller & everyone seemed to know each other. This is one of the main reasons that I left my hometown bc aside from friends that I made on the apps, I never was able to have like a real connection with anyone that wasn’t just sexual.
Well that all changed about a month ago when a guy named Elijah messaged me. He’s 18 & lives in Sacramento as well. When we were first talking we hit it off pretty well. His sense of humor is what attracted me initially bc as far as looks go he wasn’t my ideal type, since I prefer bearish guys & he was more of a twink. Regardless, we exchanged nudes & Snapchat names (as millennials do) & we decided to meet up at his place while his dad was at work. When I got there we just kinda hung out and played Mario Kart & watched Season 5 of Drag Race. During episode two that’s when things started to really pop off bc we started making out, undressing each other, touching, sucking, & licking each other. There was no penetration but we fooled around for ab 45 minutes until we both came. Our chemistry sex-wise was there bc we just fed off of each other’s energy, whether that be the way he ran his fingers though my hair as I was eating him out or how I moaned when he kissed my neck (I’m sorry if this is slightly NSFW). Anyway we cuddled, ordered some food, & talked for a couple more hours until 4 o’clock. That’s when I left bc his dad got off at around that same time. I kissed him bye & said “see ya” as I walked down the steps of his apartment & back to my car.
I Snapchat him that night & told him that I had fun & that I’d like to meet again next week. He agreed & so I was geeked at this point bc I consider it nothing short of a miracle of you can find someone on Grindr that can not only host, but wants to meet up again. Since the sex was bomb I was expecting the same treatment that following week. That morning I text him to see what time he wanted me to come over (anytime between 10 am & 12 pm usually) & he was telling me that he was having a bad morning & had just got done crying ab some personal stuff in his life. Understandably, he wasn’t in the mood to have sex but he still wanted to hang out so I was like ok cool. Once I got there we talked, continued to watch Drag Race together, we cuddled, he even held my hand which I thought was cute. We ordered food & by the time I finished eating we took a nap & when I woke up it was, that time, 4 o’clock. As I was leaving he gave me a hug & asked if I wanted to come back that Wednesday. I calmly said “sure” but in my mind I was so geeked bc not only does that mean he appreciates my company/conversation, I’m like 99.9% sure we’re gonna be naked so u was like yeah :D
So that was Monday, Tuesday rolls by, & the BOOM Wednesday. I’m excited I wake up early, take a shower, use my nice soaps & body scrubs from Lush, do a lil sprits of my Givenchy cologne & I am out of the door & on my way to his place. I show up & he looking cool & stuff & I’m looking cool & stuff so we take our cool selves to the bedroom to watch a movie. We watched the Devil Wears Prada but not more than 25 minutes into the movie we were wearing nada. No penetration happened that day, but I can tell you nothing is more euphoric that getting your ass eaten to Meryl Streep’s iconic speech about that cerulean sweater. After that’s done we order food, take a nap, four rolls around, & then it’s see ya next week.
Ok y’all so here’s the gag of the season right here. I identify as a verse top just to increase my odds of meeting a guy, but I primarily top bc #1 my experiences bottoming weren’t that great and #2 too much work goes into it for me to get some o,k dick or even worse, ghosted. I sent him a message on snap saying I wanted him to top me, & he said he was down to do that.
So the following Wednesday is the big day, I’m gonna get fucked by this dude. I do all the prep work, I ordered some Pure For Men pills of Amazon a while back so that I could be regular, I switched up my diet a bit, I drank lots of water & practiced with a 5 inch dildo I got from a sex shop in San Francisco. When I got all 5 inches in me for like 5 seconds you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t Armond Rizzo lmao I thought I was really killing that shit. Boy was I wrong. So I get to Elijah’s place & I have on a jockstrap (he doesn’t know that yet) & as we’re cuddling he starts rubbing my lower back. He plays with the elastic band of the jock but I guess he thought it was just underwear bc he didn’t say anything. We then stark making our hardcore & he pushes me on my back & takes my pants off. Once he sees I’m wearing the jock he says “oooh this is new” in excitement. He then gets the condom & lube off the dresser (provided by moi) & I put the condom on his uncut, thick, 8 inch cock. He puts a lil lube on his fingers but that lil dab of that KY was not enough bc I’m flinching & his pointer finger isn’t even two knuckles deep in my ass. I said to go slower & he did, & I felt myself relaxing my muscles down there so I was like ok I’m ready for the dick. He slides it in slowly & holy fuck it hurt so bad. He was ab to pull it out, but I said to leave it in so I could get used to it. He was also being kinda stingy with the lube & I was like dude use more whenever it felt like he was forcing it in. We were doing missionary & honestly this was my first time bottoming in almost two years so I was tight asf & was genuinely surprised that he got it all in. I felt a mix of pain but also pleasure as I saw him moaning my name & jerking me off at the same time. I came kinda quick as a fight or flight response bc he was really beating my shit up & I didn’t wanna be too sore. When I did cum it was intense. I never had an orgasm that gave me whip lash before. Like it felt like that scene in doctor strange when the Ancient One touched Strange on the forehead & sent him flying through multiple dimensions. It was that good. Immediately after all I could think about was ordering food bc at this point it has been well over 24 hours since my last meal. I ordered a burger from this diner place, he ordered chicken strips. We ate, took a nap, four rolls around & it’s see ya next week
WHEW CHILE ok so not gonna lie my ass was kinda sore for like 3 days like he was really going in. But even with that pain that came with it. I couldn’t stop thinking ab it. Like him being on top of me, him caressing my face making sure I was ok, watching him smirk when he saw I was having a good time, it was just very stimulating for me. It affected me so badly that I couldn’t masturbate without being on my back & having my legs in the air bc that’s how good the sex was I couldn’t just tug it out in the bathroom before I left work I had to set up a whole scene. Ugh I was so fucking horny that whole week like that lil 5 inch dildo wasn’t cutting it I needed the real thing like ASAP
So now the next week rolls around & I pop up at his place like ayyy wassup. We watch movies, cuddle, & them the fucking commences. This time I was a little bit more relaxed & I felt more confident in my dick-taking abilities. Like I genuinely was so proud of myself bc here I was getting topped by this fine ass dude with a thick cock & all is well in the world in this moment. We fucked twice as long as the first time & then my legs started shaking & I came. He licked some of the cum off my chest & then he kissed me & we cuddled for a bit. A few moments later we got cleaned up & he asked me if I wanted to walk with him to get food from the sushi place down the street. I was like “me, you, just being two homosexuals out in the wild what would they say??” He thought that was funny & we walked about a mile from his place to get Starbucks & sushi. When we went to the sushi place he said he wasn’t hungry, but I bought him food anyway. Beyoncé said if he fuck your good then take his ass to Red Lobster so while there was not a red lobster in our vacinity, I just made due with the sushi. We ate the food there & I walked him back to his place bc four o’clock was on the horizon. When we got back he asked me if I wanted to come back later that night & watch movies in the bed of his truck & I was like hell yea let’s do it.
So I’m ready for this movie night I asked him what kind of snacks he wanted from the store & everything & best believe ya boi delivered. We were in the back of his truck & we watched Oceans 11. I was not paying attention to the movie whatsoever bc I was just basking in this moment with him. We were cuddled up watching this movie & I wasn’t thinking about a damn thing except him in that moment. After the movie was over & we ran out of snacks to feed each other, the munchies set in & we decide to go to Denny’s. We got our food to-go & ate it in my car in the parking lot of the apartment complex. He also wanted to listen to music too. Now let me just say our music taste is very different he’s playing like The Lumineers & Frank Ocean meanwhile I’m bumping Doja Cat, The City Girls, & 2 Chainz. He played this song called Sober by Childish Gambino & just watching him sing along to the song I was entranced by this boy that was in my passenger seat. Like ugh at this point I was falling for him hard. He asked me what song I wanted to hear, & I just put Sober on repeat bc it’s actually a good song & I liked it. Midway through the song we were just chilling then we locked eyes & we started making out, but it felt different this time. We’ve kissed several times & I’ve fully had my tongue in this guy’s ass but this time just felt different. After that we checked the time & it was ab 2 in the morning so he had said he was going to bed. He kissed me one more time & asked if I wanted to go on a date with him to The Boiling Crab in midtown & I was SHOOK.
Now y’all are probably wondering “Why is she shook it’s just seafood” I LOVE seafood like it is my favorite thing. I lived on the Gulf Coast back home & seafood was mad cheap bc the city I grew up in (Mobile) was right on the Gulf Of Mexico. It just reminded me of home & I felt like things were coming full circle for me.
Now what I may have forgotten to mention was that he’s going alway to college next week in Santa Cruz & that following week would be the last time I see him for a couple months, if I even see him again at all...
So Monday rolls around & this is the last time imma see this dude for a minute so I’m excited yet I fully know that I will be a wreck when he leaves. I get to his place. We’re watching Cutthroat Kitchen on his tv & not too soon after, we have sex. Oh gosh it just was so different from all those other times. It was longer, I felt a deeper connection with him, ugh my mind was all over the place just savoring every second I had left with him that day. I just wanted to feel the way I felt with him all the time. He made me feel safe, made me less insecure about myself, & all this shit happened in a matter of weeks like WHEW I fell hard for this guy. We fucked twice that day bc I wanted one last fuck for the road. After all that I leave his place bc it was ,you guessed it, four o’clock but I was gonna come back at six to pick him up. For those two hours I go & clean out my car & get some mouthwash & one of those disposable tooth brushes to freshen up my breath bc we had been like kissing & all manner of everything else. I the pick him up & we drive to the restaurant & oh my gosh y’all we had such a good time. Like we were being goofy & tossing fries in each other’s mouths & we played Pokémon on his DS, all while eating shrimp in this restaurant. After all that we we went back to his place & watched Shrek 2 in the bed of his truck. While Shrek 2 is one of my favorite movies, I couldn’t focus bc all I was thinking about was him leaving. This amazing guy gave me something that felt real & was consistent. I was always waiting for the moment where he would take forever to message back, or when he would block me, or when he would just ghost me all together. But he never did. As the movie ended he got a text from his friend saying that she was otw to pick him up bc they were going to the Bay Area in the morning & he was going to spend the night with her. She was about six minutes away & I said ya know what, lemme end this in a high note. I played that song Sober by Childish Gambino just bc that’s the song that made me fall for him. We listened to it, jammed out, & while he couldn’t see it, tears were running down my face bc I knew that all of this was gonna be over in a few minutes. And it was. His friend pulled up, he kissed me bye, & I was like see ya.
I cried the entire way home. I was emotionally distraught bc I allowed myself to like this guy & with everything that was going on in my life at that time & the thought of just being alone it was too much & I just cried like a fucking baby. Oddly enough, they were happy tears bc I just kept saying “God I’m so fucking lucky” to have met that amazing guy & have something that was real & tangible. That previous weeknight when we were in my car, he left this stuffed penguin, named Wanda, & asked me if I wanted to keep it. I said sure bc I thought it was cute + it smelled like him so that was a plus. The following morning I woke up crying bc I didn’t know if I was gonna see him again, I didn’t know if he was gonna go to college & forget about me, I just didn’t know what tf to do or how to feel bc I wanted to pursue something with this guy, but I’m trying to be realistic.
That same morning I sent him a message saying how I felt about him & that I wanted to keep in touch. I said that I was excited for his college journey & couldn’t wait to see what he does in his life. I mentioned that I wanted him to have fun, date guys, etc, bc it would be selfish of me to try to take that from him. He read the message & didn’t explicitly respond to it bc he was with friends (he actually saw where I was typing & asked me to send what I was gonna send him, bc I had deleted it at first) but he never did bc we just talked about so much other random shit throughout the day that I guess it got lost amongst everything else. I asked him if I could take him out on a date & he said “If I’m not committed to someone, then yes” & it was bittersweet. Like the opportunity to woo this guy was there, but that was all pending upon whether or not he was available. I really like this guy, I want to see what a relationship would be like bc I’ve never dated anyone before. I just have a lot of love to give, but there are a few things I need to handle in my personal life before I commit to something serious.
So gaybros I say all of that to say this, what should I do? Do I wait around for him to come back in December? Do I focus on myself & keep our conversations strictly plutonic just for the sake of staying in touch. I need y’alls help with this situation bc I’m trying to be optimistic, yet smart. I’ve gotten over guys pretty easily, but it’s getting from under them that proves itself a challenge.
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2019.09.14 00:01 sunsetsandnicotine Cat peed too fast or kidney issue?

Domestic Short Hair male cat, 5 (almost 6) years old, neutered as a kitten, up to date on all his vacinations, completely indoor cat with no other pets. about 12lbs
So i was in the bathroom today and so was my cat using his litter box and when he got out of the box i noticed his urine was bubbling. hes not a cat thats shy about the litter box so i see him use it pretty much daily and id never noticed that before.
i googled it and apparently it could be a sign of kidney issues, but also apparently this is a thing if they pee too quickly???
he isnt acting weird, or meowing more than normal (hes very vocal always), ate normal and right on schedule, drinking normally.
So im currently waiting for him to use the litter box again so i can see what happens and go from there but otherwise is there anything else i should be looking out for? i figure i can bring him into the vet tuesday morning as a "just in case" to be on the safe side if it doesnt happen again. but im wondering is one instance enough? he doesnt seem to be drinking more than he normally does, the urine didnt smell weird and he seems fine.
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2019.05.14 06:23 NostalgicJeremy She Didn't Look Like Her Pictures...

Like many nights before, I tried looking online for a date. It oftens ends in disaster, or just not finding anyone. The times I do find someone who does want to go out, we're just not fit for each other. Or we go to her place and nothing happens. I'll leave unhappy and she'll make fun of me to her friends at her work for sure.
I've been told I'm not an ugly guy by people, and I often joke if they're just blind. Maybe it's my personality? "No, it can't be." I tell myself. Just before sleep, I open up Tinder and swipe right on just about everyone. After I run out, I decide to fall asleep. "Maybe I'll have a match in the morning." I tell myself, knowing damn well I'm just too optimistic.
To my everlasting surprise, I had a match. She was close, seemed cute, and had an amazing personality. Her name is Paige, and she is around my age. I sent her a typical "Hello" in hopes she would respond. I'm not the greatest at pick-up lines, so I just want to start the conversation normally. I put down my phone and start to get ready for work.
After a shower, I look at my phone. The blinking blue light could be anything, so I open my phone to solve my conundrum. It's a message from Paige, which makes my heart skip a beat. She sends me "hi cutie" followed by a heart emoji. I play it cool, and message her back with a simple "How's life?" I put my phone as I finish my work prep. I check back after about 10 minutes. No message, so I assume she has classes.
I have breakfast and drive to my job at the local McDonalds. The wifi is shotty, so I won't always get notifications for things. Especially dating apps, so I won't get a message from Paige for a few hours. The whole day, I tell my friend Trevor about Paige, and he just laughs in my face. "Dude, you getting a date? Did you go to the zoo and ask out a monkey?" He always had a joke on the back burner about my social life. I laugh it off and say I will show him a picture of Paige later.
I finish my shift and race back home. As soon as I'm in the vacinity of my house, I get a text from Paige. "not a whole lot, just want to be done with stupid school" followed by a frown faced emoji. I find it odd she texts all in lowercase, but I don't mind. We have a pleasant conversation for a bit after I get home. After we clearly hit it off, I ask her on a date that coming Sunday since I'm off from both my jobs on that day. "i would love that" with a kiss face emoji is what she sends me. I jump for joy.
The next few days, Paige is on my mind. In my sleep, on drives to and from work, and especially during work. Thoughts of how this date could go race through my mind. I tell my friends about her, and one buddy brings up something that never crossed my mind.
"Dude, what if she's a dude?" He asks while we work in the outbound truck. I take a second to think and reply to his question. "I'll bring pepper spray, kick him in the balls, and bail. Easy." I say while making a wall of boxes. "Sure, you do that Thor." He jokes with me, but it does cross my mind now. What is Paige is actually a Peter?
Sunday finally comes, and I'm getting ready. I decide to shave off my neckbeard to give the illusion that I keep myself in good condition. We decide to meet at a bar in the college town she lives in. I make my way to the town as it's about 10 miles from where I live. A nice parking spot catches my eye and I make my way in. I sit at the bar, and let her know I'm there. She says that she's right outside. And what I get isn't what I wanted.
He was bald, fat, and covered in sweat. His shirt was covered in crumbs of various snacks, hiding the anime girl underneath. His arms looked like he was actually a Wookie. The chin rolls were covered with a gross patch ridden beard. He looked like all he did was play video games and watch anime. He was a total human disaster, but he was also my date.
"A-are you Paige?" I ask, hesistating out of both fear and disgust. After a pause, his mouth opened and a "Yes" came pouring out along with a lung's worth of breath. I look for a minute and get to my car. Sure enough, "Paige" follows. As I'm about to open my door, I feel a hit on the back of my head, and the last thing I see is the ground.
I awaken to see nothing. But, I feel myself moving. I try to move my hands, but they're now tied behind my back. The pieces come together, and I figure it out. I have been kidnapped, and I need to escape. Just my luck, I still have my pocket knife from McDonalds. It must have been in my jeans from Wednesday, and I just forgot to take it out. I am able to squirm my hands to my pocket, and grab the knife. I make a east task of getting rid of the restraints holding me. I look around the trunk for anything.
At the moment, I see a chord used for easy escape. "Jackpot!" I think to myself and pull the chord. I ooen the trunk and quickly memorize the plate so I can identify the car to the police. I see we're on the highway, and going fast. In that moment, I have to plan an escape, and fast. As the car keeps going down the highway, other cars just might not notice the 20 something in the trunk. No biggie. With no more time to lose, I tuck and roll out of the car onto the pavement. There is a small barrier leading to a small neighborhood. It can be easily climbed by me, not by Chubby.
I bolt to the barrier and high tail it to a house. I knock on the door, and a couple answers. I tell them of my situation, and they decide to hide me. Just then, Chubby's car goes through the neighborhood, trunk still open. I peek out from a window and wait until he has clearly passed. I reach into my pocket for my phone, which he took. Figures. The couple is kind enough to let me use their phone so I can call the cops. I get them caught up to speed, and provide them with the plate number.
A crusier comes through the neighborhood, following the path Chubby took. They finally catch him, and bring me to the station to gather what he stole from me. I get my phone and my wallet, hoping he didn't charge my credit card. I call the bank, and find that no charges had been made in the time Chubby had my wallet. A cop helps me back to the bar so I can get my car and head home.
That was the last time I tried online dating, and I'll face the lonliness knowing I wasn't some guys sex slave.
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2019.04.20 16:00 Pigeon255 Rust Update Suggestions

Here are some Update Suggestions for Rust, created by Pigeon255
Im sorry for my poor english skills.
I would love to see some commends to my post

Rust Update Suggestions
Server changes:
-Add Offical Server for Solo/Duo/Trio
-Add Offical Server that wipe bi/weekly
-More hacking protection (Maybe use voluntary non-paid Moderator)

System changes:
-Lower all scrap cost and make it depend on the wipe cycle ( more on monthly, normal on weekly, less on daily)
-Wipe BPs EVERY wipe cycle (Thats the reason why there are Blueprints! Why adding a progression system and not using it correctly)
-Remove research bench and add researching as an option to the workbenches
-Make it possible to upgrade workbenches into the next higher tier ( synchron all hitboxes of the workbenches)
-Make it possible to research/experiment all items from lower tier workbenches
-Add a research tree to the game, so you can decide which paths you follow and make the experiment cost different for all research paths ( guns/armor should be more expensive than decorative role player items). There should still be a random chance between the the outcome of weapons ( Make it random in Tier 2 Weapon research if you get Python, P2, Thompson, Custom SMG, Semi Rifle)
-Make progress based on the wipe date of the server ( Higher tier loot starts to spawn after a amout of time (time based on wipe cycle)

World changes:
Map changes:
-Add more variety to the world and make every map of Rust special in that way
1. Add lakes to the game (Real lakes that appear in different sizes and forms, big enough to use a boat on it and add junkpiles/islands/Minimonuments 2. Add/Fix Rivers so they really connect springs to Lakes and Ocean and even apear far more inland instead of only at the coast 3.Fix mountainformation ( Add more variety to them, by adding different sizes and change the quantatiy of them. At the moment there is often just a big mountainformation in the mid of the map, splitting the server in half.) 4. Add Islands ( all kinds of islands in different size and quantity, space between islands should be enough to spawn junkpiles, but should be close enough to easily switch islands with boats or even while swimming) 
-Make caves more attractiv to build in
1.Adding a few junkpiles with component loot in the caves 2.Adding a minimonument in some of them or using the already existing one and put some component loot in there after a jump puzzle, diving puzzle or electricity puzzle ( require 1 fuse, or maybe just switches) 3.Add some small building zone way closer to the entrance of the cave. 4.Add really small caves that just have like one Junkpile and one really small building area close to the entrance. So that you can fit in like a 2x3 base. 5.Add cave puzzles which requires a divingsuit to explore completly. 
-Remove world tier system ( The seperation of tier monuments was a nice try, but it didnt work out that well. It really removes alot variety of the map generation and makes alot maps feel the same and boring. It just splits the server in upper tier player with aks and player that will never come out of the primitv phase. This makes the primitiv players leave the server and the server will die in a few days.)
-Add weather ( fog, clouds, rain, sun, snow, lightning strikes, radiation storms)

Monument changes:
-Add different monument puzzle versions of a specific monument ( Use like three different Version of the Water Treatment and just change the way the puzzle works to add variety to the monument puzzles)
-Add mini-puzzles to the monuments ( require only toggle switches and sometimes 1 Fuse)
-Add some loot to well mini monuments ( one box and two barrels)
-Add big underwater monument ( big sunken boat, underwater cave)
-Highly increase the radius of bandit camp and outpost warning message
-Add Outpost and Bandit Camp changing offers every 2 hours ( ressource and component trade should be always up)
-Adding Outpost trades. Players can
buy Hazmat Suit for 80 Scrap buy Garage Door for 150 Scrap 
-Adding Bandit Camp trades. Players can
buy Contact Bomb for 50 scrap 
-Adding Outpost and Bandit Camp missions ( Every 2 hours there is a 50% chance for a mission by either the Outpost or the Bandit Camp. Missions are shown while hover over the Outpost or Bandit Camp mission symbol on the map)
-Add Outpost missions (New mission every 2 hours):
1.Finding the Radiation Leak ( While quest is active, you can get a geiger counter at the outpost and a circle area on the map (shown while helding the geiger counter and opening the map), while in the area you should pull out the geiger counter and it bleeps , as closer you get to the radiation leak as louder and faster the geiger counter bleeps. When found the leak ( a small green crater, that emits 20 radiation on really close distance) , you can get a note from it ( just like after using a survey charge). Every player can only get one note and one geiger counter ( These items are only lootable for the player who owns them, making it useless to camp at the Leak). After returning to the Outpost you will get a reward for exchange of the note. 2.Finding the RA-226 preparation ( While this quest is active, everytime a new scientist(1%) or junkpile(0,1%) create spawns, it has a really rare chance to contain the RA-226 Quest item. After finding one RA-226 you can bring it to the outpost to get a reward for it. ( You can turn as much RA-226 as you can find). 3.Killing the Rad Animals ( While Quest is active there is a chance that Radiated Animals spawn, which emit radiation and are very aggresive. Killed Animals give 1 Radiated Meat. Bring 5 Radiated Meat to the Outpost to get a reward.) 4.Battle Royale ( Adds a helicopter Landing Station to the Outpost. When the Quest starts, a Chinook will come and land at the Outpost, allowing player ( Players must be naked and will get a parachute and full stats) to join in. After 5 minutes staying at the Outpost, it will fly away with a maximum of 10 Player and circle above a near island ( Server Maps need to spawn a Island far away of the Main Island). Player can jump out of the Island and find there any Loot and will fight till only 1 Player remains. This Player will die aswell, but will be allowed to pick up a reward at the outpost after respawning. (teaming will be hard to balance) 
-Outpost Rewards (scientist suit, weapon attachments, key cards, components, scrap, supply signals, rocket, C4, syringes, turrets, doors)
-Add Bandit Camp missions(New mission every 2 hours)
1.Bounty Hunter ( Gives the player who is longest alive on the Server and online a bounty/quest Item and marks the bounty/quest item on the Map. The player has 20 minutes to turn in the item at the Bandit Camp to get the reward. Other players can see the bounty on map and try to kill the player and turn the bounty in. After someone turned in the bounty and claimed the reward or 20 minutes are over, a new player ( longest alive and online) gets the bounty/quest item and it starts again.) 2.Human Skull Collector ( While this Quest is active you can turn in human skulls, however mutiple human skulls of the same player does only count as one. player who turns most human skulls till the mission ends gets the reward) 3.Russian Roulette ( Allows player to play russian roulette at the Bandit Camp. Every round has different requirements. Player can start as soon as at least 2 Players are in and ready up. Using their guns with a fixed animation, having a chance to kill themselves. Last player alive can loot all the dead bodies, getting their loot. Low Tier ( Players require at least an eoka pistol and hit it everytime once in their turn, 1/4 chance to fire) Mid Tier (Players require at least a revolver and 3 clothings and fire the revolver once in their turn, 1/8 chance to fire) High Tier ( Players require at least a python and 5 clothings and fire the Python once in their turn, 1/6 chancee to fire) Only the winner can Loot the corpses and weapons of the other players 
Bandit Camp rewards ( M92, SPAS-12, LR-300, L96, smoke greanades, contact Boms, F1 Greanades, MP5, M39, scrap, weapon attachments, 40mm Ammo)

Building changes:
-Bring back keylocks ( Keylocks are really rookie unfriendly, but Rust is a hard world and it was a achievment to finally get a code lock and not to hide keys in stashes anymore.
-Add more variety to the building option
1. Add Stairs in more different kinds (U-Stairs,L-Stairs,Reverse-L-Stairs, Straight-Stairs) 2. Add craftable elevators 3.Add triangle floorframes/grills/ladderhatches 4.Make it possible to place a large furnace/oil Raffinery on foundaitions 5.Add drawbridges 
-Half the cost for halfwalls. ( Building and Upkeep)
-Add more traps ( Casedoors etc)

Gameplay changes:
-Overall, fokus more on already existing aspekts that arent used instead of adding more content that nobody uses.

Item Changes:
-Adding world model for every item
-Expolisve requires tier 2 workbench instead of tier 3
-Add Animations for large medikit
-Add Animations for eating and drinking ( Having mutiple food/water allows you to hold that hotkey and rapidly eat/drink)
-Change road flare ( 3x more lightning range and duration)
[5 gunpowder, 5 metal frags, tier 1 BP]
-Add waterjugg craftable
[20 metal frags, tier 1 Bp]
-Change garage door ( Reduce Hp to 500)
-Change locker ( Allows to manually put items into the locker)
-Change beancan ( Reduce structure damage to 3)
[20 metal frags, 20 gunpowder, tier 1 Bp]
-Change satchel charge
[4 beancan, 1 stash, 1 rope, 160 gunpowder]
-Change large medikit ( Gain 20 instant HP and gaining 40 healing overtime by double the normal speed)
-Add work table ( Allows first item tier 0 researchs, can be picked up again)
[100 wood, standard BP]
-Change Bone Arrows (less damage, normal hitbox, high bleeding/slow the targets movment speed by 15% for the next 20 seconds)
-Change Compound Box ( Remove zoom in while aiming, make it similar to hunting bow zoom)
-Change muzzle boost ( +15% fire rate, -10% accuracy)
-Change muzzle break ( make it useful)
-Add extended magazin (+20% more ammo, -20% weapon draw rate)
[10 high quality metal, tier 3 BP] ( Works on SMG, P2, Thompson, MP5, M92, SAR, AK, LR-300, M249)
-Adding compressor ( Needs electic power and allows refilling of jackhammer, harpoon, diving tank/suit)
[100 metal frags, tier 1 HP]
-Change the diving items and put them all together in one divingsuit and make it craftable ( like hazmat)
[3 tarp, 2 sewing kit, 2 empty propane tanks, tier 1 BP]
-Add fishing rod ( Uses bait and patience to gather food from ocean and lakes)
[200 wood, 1 rope, tier 1 BP]
-Add contact bomb ( throwable bomb, which needs to be droped from above to explode, dealing 100 explosive damage (similar to F1) and has a explosive radius of 10m) [50 metal frags, 30 gunpowder, 1 explosive, Tier 2 BP]
-Add Incendiary Contact Bomb ( Throwable fire Bomb, which needs to be droped from above to explode and ignites the ground, dealing 50 explosive damage and has a explosive radius of 10m, ignites the ground similar to incendiary rockets but doesnt stay as long) [50 metal frags, 1 explosive , 40 low grade fuel, tier 2 BP]
-Add harpoon ( single bolt weapon that can be fired underwater (Using a roped metal spear, that will get retract when reloading). Very low reload speed and medium damage and low range. Uses high pressure air to shoot and no ammo, refillable/repairable at compressor)
[100 metal frags, 2 metal pipes, 2 empty Propane Tanks, tier 1 BP]
Add parachute ( Torso armor slot item, allowing player do hold jump while falling opening a parachute in the next 5m which nagates all fall damage, gets destroyed after being used)
[50 cloth, 2 rope,tier 1 BP]
-Change heavy plate armor parts and put them all together in one Heavy Plate Suit, which provides 90% protection against bullets,arrows,melee.
Districts Field of View, Disables Swimming, reduces movment speed by 60%, is susceptible against explosives and incendiary Damage)
[5 sheet metal, 12 high quality metal, tier 3 BP]
-Add water well ( Alternate craftable watersource to the mini monuments )
[100 wood, 500 stone, 5 rope, tier 1 BP]
-Change search light ( Make it automaticly aiming at any player who is in range of it and not authorized at it, require electricity, increase light range)
[500 wood, 300 metal frags, 1 target computer, tier 2 BP]
-Add Ballista arrow ( Ammunition for the ballista on the attack boat)
[50 wood, 10 metal frags, tier 1 BP]

Loot changes:
-Add a new lootbox for all electronic items
-All weapons found in crates, should have between 20-80% durability and spawn with 10-30 ammo ( so you can actually use looted weapons instead of just saving them in base for years)
-Fix all Loottables
\-Remove all junk and decorative items from loottables and instead just let it be more scrap in that crate \-Remove supply signals from all loottables ( you can get them at dead parachutist and for missions at the Outpost) \-Remove spears from all loottables \-All electronic items are found in a speacial Box (spawning at junkpiles) \-lower chance for all melee weapons \-revolver, double barrel, waterpipe, nail gun, compound bow should be found in tool boxes instead of normal crates \-drastically lower chance for hazmat suits (instead you can buy them in the outpost(so its less random if you can manage to get one) cause they are easily the best item you can get out of a crate and people start crafting some of them instead of just using hazmat suits that they found. This should add more variety to armor (roadsign, metal, heavy plate) 
-Remove all blueprints from crates (just put them in tier 1 experiment decorative path)
-Fix plant clones not stacking
-Add junkpiles in caves
-Add loot to boats and trucks in ice lakes and ocean

-HungeHydration system (This should not be the main aspekt of the game but should still be relevant)
-Fix farming ( This should not be hard to understand and should be very effective as a food ressource. One small planter box should be enough to maintain the hunger for one person)
-Add a craftable well for maintaining hydration as new option besides watercatcher
-Add food spoilage for all items that arent in a fridge
-fridge requires electricity

-Make building next to the ocean/big Lakes more attractiv
1.More amount of watermonuments ( oil rigs, lighthouses, half sunken boats, mini islands) 2.Fix diving being not rewarding enough (NOBODY is using divingsuits, diving is a cool feature but its just not rewarding enough for finding a diving Suit, build near ocean, use a boat to get out, leave your boat and get defenceless underwater) Underwater junkpiles should be rare but really good ( 6 chest ( military chest aswell), speed up the time it takes to untie,), so if you manage to find a swimming platic bottle, its always worth to dive and search for really good Loot. It should feel like treasure hunting. 3. Add big wnderwater monument ( Big sunken boat, wnderwater cave) 4.Add water animals (fish, sharks, whales) 5. Add underwatediving to inland lakes and maybe caves ( like the Forest) 

-Add early game events to the game
1. A stranding whale, to harvest early animalfat and food ( Icon on map) 2. Dead parachutist ( plane flying by could drop 1-3 of them, loot could be: road flares, parachute, syringes, baked beans, smoke grenades, supply signals) 

-Make the Chinook different from Airdrops ( Let the Chinook stay after he dropped the crate and let it send down scientist in the vacinity, which try to defend the crate,
the Chinook helicopter should stop shooting after it dropped the crate and only send out scientists (2 every 2 minutes)
-Reduce the Chinook crate time to 10 minutes
-Make the Attack Helicopter apear on the Map
-Make it harder to hold the Cargo Ship against approching Boats ( More possiblities to get up, more cover from positions you can get up from)
-Make it easier to get on the cargo ship while driving a boat ( extend the range where you press "e" to get on the ladder or make it possible to hook you boat in the Cargoship)

-Adds vehicle plan ( allows to craft vehicles, works as building plan and shows blue silhouette of the selected vehicle. Consumes ressources when creating the vehicle in a valid position.(If possible you need to research the vehicle typ first.)
-Vehicle Speed depends on HP of the Vehicle ( 100% Movment Speed till 50%, after that losing 1% movment for each more 1% missing HP to a minimum of 50% at 0,1% HP)
-Adding vehicle death animations ( despawing after 2 minutes, boxes will swim/drop down on land and stay for the item timer)
1.When a Ballon gets destroyed, it gets deflated, causing it to go down fast and all passeger get 25% fall damage of the current height ( this can still be deadly, passengers should carry a parachute) 2.rafts and boats breakdown in wood which sinks/ creates a wood plattform 3. RHIB Boats explodes in parts, dealing Damage to all passengers (20 explosive damage. Parts of RHIB sink and despawn 4.Minicopter explodes in Parts, dealing damage to all passengers (20 explosive Damage) . Parts of Minicopter drop down and despawns 
-Add different versions of vehicles:

Raft: Passenger Raft ( 1 Passenger )
 \[250 Wood, Tier 0 BP\] 

Boat: Passenger Boat ( 4 Passenger, 1 small cheast )
 \[200 Wood, 100 Metal Frags, 25 low grade fuel, Tier 1 BP\] 

Cargo Boat ( 2 Passengers, Huge Chest with 84 Slots) \[500 Wood, 200 Metal Frags, 25 low grade fuel, Tier 1 BP\] 

Home Boat ( 2 Passenger, 1 Sleeping Bag) \[ 300 Wood, 100 Metal Frags, 50 Cloth, 25 low grade fuel, Tier 1 BP\] 

Defending Boat ( 3 Passengers, Reduced Speed by 20% , More HP, Wood Cover from the sides which allows to shoot out, spare cover from back and front ( Woodcover negates Arrow Damage and Reduces Bullet Damage by 50% , 1 small cheast) \[600 Wood, 150 Metal Fragments, 25 low grade fuel, Tier 1 BP\] 

Attack Boat ( 3 Passengers, Ballista ( Deals massive damage (2 Hits to destroy a Raft,4 Hits to destroy Rowboat, 10 Hits to destroy a RHIB) against Boats and vehicles and slows them, and good damage against Players(60)) \[500 Wood, 300 Metal Frags, 12 High Quality Metal, 25 low grade fuel, Tier 1 BP\] 

RHIB: Passenger RHIB ( 6 Players, 1 small cheast)
 \[Not Craftable\] 

Hot Air Ballon: Passenger Ballon ( 4 Passenger, 1 small cheast)
 \[200 Wood, 100 Cloth, 50 Metal Frags, 25 low grade fuel, Tier 1 BP\] 

Minicopter: Passenger Minicopter ( 2 Passenger )
 \[500 Wood, 200 Metal frags, 10 High Quality Metal, 50 low grade fuel, Tier 2 BP\] 
-Add a craftable Raft that uses paddels to move and is slow (Good use for traveling cheap between island)
-Remove boat spawns and make it craftable
-Reduce HP from boat by 25% ( 60 rifle bullets)
-Reduce HP from RHIB by 85% ( 150 rifle bullets)
-Reduce RHIB spawns by 50%
-Removed Hot Air Ballon spawns and make it craftable
-Reduce the amout of Fuel usage of Hot Air Ballon by 75%. ( early game scouting unit that should not burn so much fuel( this would actually make it viable to use))
-Increased speed of Hot Air Ballon by 25%
-Reduce Hp of Hot Air Ballon by 50% (750 HP)and Bullets deal 500% ( So instead of 300 Bullets it will only take around 30 Rifle Bullets)more Damage and Arrows deal 20 Damage (40 Arrows) when hit the Ballon ( Makes it easy to destroy the ballon and makes them only viable for quick scouting)
-Removed Minicopter spawns and make it craftable
-Reduce Minicopter hp by 50% ( 100 Rifle Bullets to destroy)
-Add Main Rotor and Taill Rotor HP to the minicopter ( if both get destroyed the minicopter gets destroyed no matter how much hp left)
-Main Rotor got 500 HP ( 10 Rifle Bullets)
-Tail Rotor got 250 HP ( 5 Bullets )

Feel free to visit me on twitch and commend my post.
Cheers Pigeon255
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2019.03.06 22:21 LTDRxinS-aka-KT Err....... ma'am, I..... don't... work here. Like why would an employee dress like this?

Now a little backstory this happened a little after my 16th birthday so like late December 2017 and I didn't even look 16, I'm also from South Africa and out here we have Woolworths that sell clothes as well as food. And I was with a couple of friends. At a Woolworths at one of the malls in one of the more upmarket part of my city. IDK why the fuck we were at Wollies but we were there for some reason. This is where it all begins
Me: me(duh) CL: clueless lady Fr1: friend 1 Fr2: friend 2 WE: Woolworths Employee WM: Woolworths manager
I was talking to my friends and then they started talking to each other, and no joke the moment my friend turned her back on my, CL had grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to an one of the clothing rails about 10 metres (like 33 feet or something IDK lol)
Me: "err!?!? Sorry ma'am but errr, what going on?"
CL: "I need help and you're the only employee in the vacinity"
Me: confused thinking wtf is she going on about "Errr, I'm sorry what?"
CL: "I needed help, saw you the only employee around, so I pulled you to help me, coz I saw you finish helping that sweet looking young couple over there"
Me: "errr sorry but errr I don't work here and those are my friends and they definitely aren't a couple"
CL: "Clearly you are, you're wearing the uniform"
Me: " Why would an employee ever dress like this?"
The Woolworths uniform is a long sleeve white or cream or yellow formal shirt with black dress pants and black dress shoes. Ya boy OP, that's me (was wearing a Blue, yellow and black check flanal, blue jeans and a pair of white Nike Air Forces. I kept on moving back a bit coz she kept almost stepping on my shoes.
CL: "why do you keep moving back from me?"
Me: "ma'am I'm wearing white sneakers and you almost stepped on them multiple times, and how do you think I'm wearing the uniform, clearly you must be mistaken."
CL: "Nope, dress shirt, long pants and shoes, though I'm not sure why they allowed you to wear sneakers on the job"
Me: "ma'am I don't work here, at all"
CL: "You millenials are so lazy, they hired you to do a job now do it"
Me: "firstly ma'am, I don't work here. Secondly, I'm not a millenials millenials are late 80s early 90s babies, I'm just shy by about 5 or 6 years."
She was getting annoyed visibly now, and tried to pass the next line off as humour.
CL: "Well we know one thing your good at, making excuses."
Me: "Ma'am I really don't work here."
CL: "here come a coworker of yours we'll get it from him"
Flag him down
WE: "what seems to be the problem here"
CL: "please can you tell your superior that this man wasnt serving a customer"
We: looking hella confused "Ma'am this young man doesn't work here"
Me: "See" I then mouthed to him the words 'IDK but this lady might a little coocoo'.
CL: "he is wearing the uniform but he has also disobeyed the uniform code by wearing sneakers"
Me: mouthing to him again 'see what I mean'
WE: "ma'am he's not wearing the uniform in the slightest"
CL: "what do you mean"
My friends decide to show up
Fr1: "hate to butt in ma'am but what he means is that the uniform code is to wear a White, Cream or Yellow formal shirt with dress pants and dress shoes, while my friend here is wearing a Blue, Yellow and Black flanal, with blue jeans and White Air Forces, which he almost pimp slapped a guy for stepping on last week"
CL: "don't lie to me he just helped you and your girlfriend not even ten minutes ago"
Fr1 and Fr2: "Girlfriend, no no no no no"
Fr2: "I'm not his girlfriend ma'am, and this is our friend, we came to the mall to watch a movie and are trying to pass time"
CL: "do they work here too, because you're all trying to get him out of doing his job"
WE: "No ma'am, none of them work here"
CL: "I don't believe you, I want to speak to the manager"
Literally everyone withing earshot of this conversation was facepalming except me and the Wollies employee. He went to get his manager, and the she arrives with him behind her.
WM: "what seems to be the problem here"
CL: "they are all claiming that these three youngsters don't work here so that they don't have to do their jobs"
WM: "Ma'am none of these people work here except WE over here."
WM: "Ma'am they aren't wearing the uniforms in the slightest"
Fr1 was in Black 3 quarter shorts with a blue T shirt and black Adidas toecaps (superstars) Fr2 was wearing a black undershirts author a pink see through top and a white skirt And you already know the swag ya boy OP was drippin in.
CL: looking irritated and red in the face looks at us and back at the manager, then straightens up her back in realisation and looks back at us with a look of horror, regret and oh fuck on her face.
She then appologised, and we all said it was a misunderstanding but a very obvious one and we didn't know how she didn't realise it. WE eventually took over from where she started with me and actually helped her. An Me, Fr1 and Fr2 went on to watch our movie. And we were laughing about what just happened, and we all agreed when I said
Me: "I mean why she would think you two are dating is beyond me, I mean I got a better shot with Fr2 than you Fr1, no offence, and I have no chance at all."
Fr1: "Hear, hear, none taken"
Fr2: "well......."
Me and Fr1 looking at her confused
Fr2: "Nah Jk, you both don't have a hope in the hell of a shot with me"
We all kept on laughing.
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2018.09.26 16:58 hfythrowaway1981 [OC] What Remains - Part 2

What Remains - Part 2

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Cycle 337 - 2236 Galactic year ME standard (2236 cycles after the fall of the Dominion: Terran Space, Border Zone 654/21c.
Stood on the landing platform waiting for their promised escort, Rali tried to imagine how much power must have been required to pump atmosphere into the hangar. From what he could make out, the hanger itself ran the full width of the vessel disappearing miles into the distance to both his left and right. Below him and above him were easily another fifty bays all full of craft of varying sizes but each row was uniform in colour and craft, the plain grey of the ships was a stark contrast to the colourful freighter he had commissioned for his own mission. One of the benefits to spaceborne craft was that they could be extravagant and any shape, with no need to enter atmosphere. The Terrans had apparently not embraced that concept, their ships were all sleek and angular, and looked perfectly capable of performing a given task in either environment.
Tuel was stood to his left and looked as taken back as Rali was feeling, he even went far enough to let out a slight whistle on his exhale, as he rotated his head to encompass the vastness of the ship. Behind him trailed their unconscious navigator strapped to a mag-lift gurney with oxygen bag attached. "Well?" Asked Tuel, "Where are they?"
"I'm not sure, but they said to wait here and judging by the number of craft stationed around us, I'm not inclined to argue with them."
Tuel simply nodded, conceeding the fact that his superior was making a very valid point. "Besides," Said Rali gesturing at the now occupied airlock in front of them "It appears they have arrived."
The airlock door slid open and four matt black armoured (and heavily armed) robotic drones stepped onto the docking bay in perfect unison, splitting apart with two moving to the left and two moving to the right. The armour covered them from head to toe and although they were clearly much shorter than the Martuk officers, the blacked out visors and large rifles gave them a menacing look. As they parted they revealed a fifth figure, it was that of a Terran, it remained in place at the door of the airlock. Rali recognised him as the same one on the communication screen, dressed in the same military grey uniform, a single piece of tech was wrapped around the side of it's head with an extension bar that ended at the edge of it's mouth and a screen covering the left eye. Rali assumed it was some form of mobile translation device since there was no way for them to translate into text. He took a step toward the alien to introduce himself formally but an outstretched arm of one of the drones quickly stopped him in his tracks. The Terran than began to speak, there was a slight delay as the translation software converted the alien noises into Rali's own Empire standard tongue.
"Commander Rali, you are to relinquish any arms you are carrying and to follow me to interrogation. Your injured crewman and his medical staff" It said gesturing toward Tuel and Mael. "will accompany the drones to our medical facilities after relinquishing their firearms." The voice was strange, to hear it in the Terran language and then the have it repeated mechanically into Empire Standard only served to make the Terran seem even more alien. There was a pause while Rali considered his options. He certainly didn't like the idea of heading into a possibly hostile military vessel unarmed but he accepted the fact he was in no position to deny the request. He was outnumbered, outgunned and knew when he was defeated.
"Agreed, what should I call you?" Rali asked as both he and Tuel were relieved of their weapons by the nearest drones.
The Terran seemed to glaze over slightly as the translation echoed back to it in its native tongue. There was a moment where it seemed the alien wouldn't answer at all but eventually it spoke "This unit has not been designated with the information you require." It span on the spot and faced the door before speaking again "Please follow me."
Rali followed closely as the Terran lead them through a corridor to a pod, the doors of the pod opened revealing a plain interior, a single metal panel adorned the wall with strange script on it, Rali assumed it was some kind of transport system. He was proved right as the door opened again a moment later revealing a fully adorned medical area with stasis bays, and gleaming floors and walls that only come from molecular sterilization. Rali couldn't help but notice that it seemed awfully quiet for a ship this size. He could only reason that they had been quarantined from the rest of the ship in the event of contamination perhaps. Tuel, with mag-lift in tow, was escorted out of the pod and onto the medical floor, leaving Rali alone in the pod with the Terran. The doors closed again and Rali felt the pod go into motion once more.
"So, This..." Said Rali gesturing at the surrounding pod " a very large vessel, for what doesn't seem like many occupants." He was fishing for information, the spy in him couldn't help himself. "How many does it take to crew something like this?" He asked.
The Terran - stood next to Rali - didn't even look at him before responding in that mechanical voice of the translator equipment. "All of your questions may be directed at the interrogation unit."
Rali was about to prod further, this was a rare opportunity for any species to come into a Terran vessel and any information he could get, despite how mundane it might be would be a valued resource in the eyes of the Empire. His train of thought was interrupted however as the pod doors slid open again to reveal an empty corridor with what appeared to be cell doors running the entire length. The Terran stepped out of the pod "Please follow me," it said before moving off down the hall.
Despite Rali's much larger form and stride, he found himself struggling a little to keep pace with the Terran. Having to maintain something between a fast walk and a jog as the alien seemed to glide down the hall in an unnerving fashion, it wasn't long however until they reached their apparent destination. The door they now stood before was no different from the rest, simple brushed steel with a viewing panel on the outside. Rali could see no handle so it had to be a simple electronic deadbolt system that would allow access from a control room somewhere deeper in the ship.
There was a 'thunk' as the locks disengaged and the door slid open. The room wasn't exactly designed with comfort in mind. The walls were the same grey that seemed to be a main feature of the vessel and the floor was a slightly darker shade of the same colour, in the centre of the room was a single desk with three chairs and there were four small domes in the top corners of the room that all held red blinking lights. No doubt recording devices, Rali thought as he entered the room. Rali looked at the chairs and wondered if they would manage his frame, he was about to ask the Terran for a possible alternative but the Terran spoke first.
"Please remain here and await further instructions, the door will remain locked for your own safety." It turned and stepped out of the doorway which slid closed behind him.
"Wait!" Rali shouted after him. "What about my brood-" He fell silent as he heard the 'thunk' of the locks engaging on the door.
A moment later as he found the small chairs could manage his large frame - if a little clumsily - the lights brightened and a voice began speaking. It was emanating from the all around him, likely broadcast through those same domes in the corners of the room. The voice spoke in Empire standard tongue, it was less mechanical than the translation device the previous Terran had used but it was still lacking a certain something.
+Squad Commander T'minak Rali of the Martuk Empire Intelligence Service, state your full name and designation.+
Rali responded as requested, "Squad Commander T'minak Esrasul Rali, 7th fleet of the Martuk Intelligence Service."
+State the reason for your incursion into Terran controlled space.+
The voice was strange to Rali, bad enough that it seemed to come from all sides but since it was likely translator software, it lacked any of the telling emotional content that he would normally use to gauge a persons reactions to his words, as such he would have to be far more careful with what he said. "My crew and I were being persued by a hostile force, we came under fire in Negative Space and were thrown off our intended course. The ship was too badly damaged to continue the evasion, so we chose to leave the stream in an attempt to buy some time for repairs."
+State species and designation of the other party.+
This was bad, Rali had no idea what relationship Terra now had with the Graziknara, sure they had been enemies in the Dominion wars but that was 2000 cycles ago, and very little was known of Terra now. Even if there was no relationship with the Graziknara, the Terrans would still want to know why they were being persued at all. He chose to bend the truth. "Unknown, we were attacked leaving an outpost on the edge of controlled space. No contact has been made and we believe them to be pirates."
+Incorrect statement. State species and designation of the other party.+
Rali was taken back, what did it mean 'incorrect statement'? Could it know he was lying? Perhaps the domes also monitored biological changes in the subject being questioned. A spark of truth hit Rali directly in head like a brick, what was it the Terran had said when he met it at the landing bay 'follow me to interrogation' this wasn't a question answer session, it was an interrogation and Rali was on the receiving end. Rali was no amateur however, he knew interrogation was a two way street, and decided to ask a few questions of his own.
"What is the status of my crew?" Rali asked the disembodied voice.
+Crew status - One male requires rest but is physically uninjured and is refusing psychological assessment. The other male crew member remains unconscious but has been administered a medi-gel treatment that should aid the healing process and reduce recovery time by approximately 6 hours.+
"Well that's...good to hear. What of my ship?"
+Your vessel is no longer suitable for travel, in accordance with the Health and Safety act of 2117 section 4a. it has been decommissioned.+
"WHAT!" Rali stood from the seat and slammed his upper arms on the desk. "You have no right to take my vessel!" He bellowed at one of the faceless domes.
+Incorrect statement. You are subject to Terran law upon entering our airspace. By doing so without authorisation, your actions have been deemed as hostile and you are being detained lawfully by Terra in accordance with the Galactic Naval Proclamation of 2123.+
Rali tried to think of his Dominion war history lessons and then it occurred to him. "That proclamation was amended at the end of the Dominion and rise of the Martuk Empire and is no longer valid."
+Incorrect statement. Terra does not recognise this change of governance, you are being held lawfully.+
Rali took a moment to think about what had just been relayed to him. According to the voice Terra did not submit that the Empire was now the leading power amongst the galactic community, this wasn't too surprising considering that since the Dominion war Terra had been a fully autonomous government. Added to this however was the fact that the voice had confirmed he was being held, that meant Rali and his team were not rescued at all but were instead prisoners.
+State species and designation of the other party.+
Rali's interrogator was clearly not giving up on the previous question, and Rali himself was still reeling from the knowledge that his "rescuer" was now his jailer. Rali had walked his crew into this prison ship and willingly handed over his firearms at the door, not that he really had a choice on that matter. Not only this but if - as he feared - decommissioned meant destroyed, he will have lost the information he retrieved from the Graziknara and the whole endeavour will have been fruitless, if he ever found a way out of this mess at all.
"I'm not authorized to divulge that information." Rali decided it was time for him to start playing a little closer to his chest, he would give the information up eventually since the Graziknara are essentially what was left of the old Dominion that once fought against the Terrans in an attempt to subjugate them back into their collapsing empire. Hopefully Rali could use this information to his advantage at a later date.
+Please be aware Terra has accessed the data systems on your craft prior to decommission and is currently decoding and translating all information stored in the data banks. Terra advise you to consider this when answering our questions.+
Rali couldn't help but feel he'd stepped out of the frying pan and directly into a fire by allowing them to exit Negative Space in the Terra systems, what he had hoped would be a pit-stop and potential rescue had now become something so much more. "You did what?" It was rhetorical of course Rali would have done the same if the positions were reversed.
+State species and designation of the other party.+
The voice was more forceful now, the translation was able to convey some form of emotion through the software, something that had so far been lacking in all other devices. Even the Terran that had met them on the docking bay had shown no sign of outward emotion at all. This voice was different. This voice was someone important, it referred to itself as both "Terra" and "our". Indicating to Rali that this voice was the voice of the people, not just an interrogator but a representative. It was the only thing that gave him any indication of a separation of the voices due to the translation software making both Terrans he'd encountered so far, sound identical.
"Then you have the answers you seek, Terran." Rali re-seated himself in the chair. "Why continue to question me further?"
+All procedures must be followed under article 12. Terra apologises for the delay in your detainment but you are required to recount to the best of your knowledge the full reasons for your incursion.+
"Delay? You're saying we may be released, how? We have no vessel and no contact with our own government. We only came here as we had no other choice! We were running for our lives!"
+Statement logged as life threatening cause for breach of established border zone. Do you wish to claim asylum status?+
"What?" Asked Rali incredulously, he didn't even consider that as an option.
+Do you wish to claim asylum status?+
Rali had to weigh up his options, there weren't many choices for him at the moment and his crew were still very much at risk in the medical bay of a potentially hostile vessel. Claiming asylum would hopefully eliminate the hostile element of their situation but Rali had no knowledge of what claiming asylum would require of him. If the Terrans already had the data drives from his ship then there would be no point avoiding further questions and as an interrogation subject that would make him worthless. If the positions had been reversed he would have already had the captive executed. His decision was made.
"I claim asylum."
+Your request has been logged please submit for processing after answering the previous question. State species and designation of the other party.+
Rali relented. "Graziknara Heavy Cruiser, Class-A, believed to be members of the former Dominion Military, Biological Research Systems."
There was a pause and silence for a few moments, no doubt the operator was confirming the information given to him by Rali, matched what they had gleaned from his ship. 'Thunk'. The door locks disengaged and the door slid open revealing an empty corridor. The voice now spoke from outside the room, green lighting began to flash on the ceiling.
+Please follow the route indicated by the green lights, you will be required to submit for processing for your asylum claim. Your status has been assigned as 'refugee' do you speak on behalf of your people?+
Stepping out into the corridor Rali followed the lights back toward the pod in which he'd arrived at the interrogation rooms, there was still no-one in sight as the voice spoke to him. He thought about his crewmen, there was no-way he could be sure they would make the same choice he had, and didn't want them to remain in interrogation indefinitely so he chose to answer on their behalf. "Yes, I speak for my people."
+Martuk representative confirmed, refugee status allocated, asylum request acknowledged.+
The pod moved in silence and when the doors opened again Rali found himself in some sort of reception area, again completely devoid of all life, excluding the domes that he now noticed seemed to be placed at regular intervals throughout every area of the ship he'd seen so far.
+Please join a queue and await further instructions.+
Rali looked at the glass fronted cubicles in front of him, each separated by thick red rope stretched between short golden pillars. At the end of each row was another opaque dome.What queues? He thought as he looked around the empty interior of the room. He stepped up to the nearest cubicle and waited at the glass window.
+T'minak Rali, you have requested asylum please fill out the forms that appear on screen to the best of your ability. If you require assistance please push the "Help" icon in the corner of the screen.+
A moment later the glass began to shimmer and turn black after which came a series of digital forms for Rali to fill out and sign, each one requiring further information than the last. As he worked through the many forms that appeared on screen, he filled them out to the best of his ability leaving nothing out. This time including everything that had happened from evacuating the nebula research station and what he had found there, to arriving on board the Terran vessel. It took him the better part of two hours to complete all the information the screens had requested, finally though a pop up screen exclaimed a simple message that he was glad to see, "Completed, please place hand in the slot below." Rali looked down at the solid desk that opened to reveal a dark square hole and small blinking blue light. Placing his upper left arm into the slot cautiously he waited, a moment later he felt a sharp pain similar to a pin prick and quickly pulled his arm back out of the hole that slid shut as he did so.
"What the hell was that?" Rali yelped as he rubbed the soft exposed flesh of his upper hand.
+A biological sample has been taken to ensure your safety, this sample will be tested to ensure you are not carrying any infectious diseases that require treatment and logged within our DNA database for citizen identification. Your hand was also implanted with a nano silicon circuit that, if your asylum request is approved, will give you access to areas of the ship without need to carry identification or a security pass. It can be updated remotely by Terra command with clearances for areas based on work allocation.+
"Wait. What do you mean by work allocation?" Rali asked, unsure if he'd covered that section in the numerous digital forms he'd filled out.
+Based on the answers given on form 81b you will be allocated a position of employment in the Terran military service. You will remain in this position until asylum status is verified and confirmed by Terra home command at which point you may be re-allocated to a different position.+
"Humph, I see." Rali thought for a moment as his mind ran back through the many forms he'd filled in. He did remember there was a section on current employment status and skill set but it seemed to be more focused on the actual species than directed at himself. "What about my crew, will they need to be brought up to complete these forms as well?" Rali asked.
+Your people will all need to be evaluated for work allocation and receive the implant and biological testing. Please enter the door at the far end of the room.+
This was all moving along far to slowly for Rali. Between the endless forms and asylum request, which he still wasn't sure meant the same thing to these Terrans as it meant to the Martuk. Added to this was the knowledge that at any moment a Grizaknara Heavy Cruiser could drop out of Negative Space and demand that Terra turn them over as prisoners of war. A door at the far end of the room slid open to reveal the empty transport pod. Rali walked over to it as his mind ran through the potential scenarios that he could be facing as things progressed. As he stepped into the transport pod and the doors slid shut, Rali wondered how he had come to be the first being to make contact with Terra in nearly 2000 cycles.
Cycle 337 - 2236 Galactic year ME standard (2236 cycles after the fall of the Dominion: Terran Space, Border Zone 654/21c.
Tuel was sat by Mael's bedside, after being handed off to what Tuel assumed was a medical bot both he and Mael had been subjected to a battery of tests, all seemingly non intrusive but extensive nonetheless. Not long after that, Mael had been moved to a "recovery pod" and had some sort of gel smeared on the damaged section of his chitin plates that was meant to speed up the healing process. Tuel himself had been diagnosed as suffering with exhaustion and been offered a sleeping aid as well as psychological help, both of which he'd turned down. He'd been here for several hours now though and was beginning to become concerned about his commanding officer, who had still not yet returned from interrogation. He doubted that his commander was being mistreated, the care and attention the medical bots had shown to both himself and Mael had alleviated those fears almost right away but he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong.
The ship they were on was huge, easily 800 kilometers or more in diameter and even if (as Tuel suspected) the majority of the internal space was taken up by the power systems required to move something of this size, there should still be room for literally thousands of people. Surely they should have seen someone. Between his silent concentration and his exhaustion Tuel had failed to notice the arrival of one of the medical bots, it finally gained his attention by beeping repeatedly like an alarm clock. Tuel looked over at the robot.
"What now?" He asked sharply, annoyed more at himself for not paying attention to his surroundings, than at the bot for interrupting his chain of thought.
+You have been registered by your representative as refugees seeking asylum, please place your hand on the surface of this unit.+
A tray extended from the mid section of the robot. "What for?" Asked Tuel suspiciously. "And who is this 'representative'? Do you mean Commander Rali?"
+Confirmed. Commander T'minak Rali has confirmed he speaks on behalf of your people and has requested asylum status, as such you will need to be logged for identification purposes. Please place your hand on the surface of this unit.+
Tuel tentatively placed his upper right hand on the offered tray and instantly regretted it as a sharp stabbing pain erupted in the palm of his hand. The pain didn't last long but it came as a shock. "What the hell was that?" He yelped as he pulled his hand back.
+You have been fitted with a silicon nano circuit, this will give you access to other areas of the ship. I have also taken a small tissue and blood sample for DNA registering as is required of all citizens of Terra.+
Tuel was only half listening as he rubbed the sore spot on the palm of his hand but he didn't miss the last sentence. "Wait did you say 'citizen'?" He asked.
+Correct. As your people have requested asylum and are registered as refugee's you are automatically given citizen rights until such time as your asylum is approved or denied by Terra Command.+
The medical bot produced a small handbook from a rear compartment and presented it to Tuel.
+Please take this guide to your citizen rights. If you have any questions or need assistance then please approach the main reception desk and place your hand on the receptical.+
Tuel took the handbook from the medical bot, it was printed on paper rather than the usual electronic data pads he was used to, the paper was still warm indicating it had just come off the press and was printed in Empire standard. He thought it odd that such a clearly technologically advanced race such as these Terrans would continue to provide anything printed but he ignored it for the moment and began reading through the pages of the guide.
He found it contained a lot of the information that any tourist would require; Who to contact in the event of an emergency, how to contact them etc. It also contained more detailed information such as your "Basic Human Rights". Which seemed to be a list of rights afforded to every citizen of the United Nations of Intergalactic Terrestrials, although he had no idea what a Human was. He assumed it was the Terrans word for themselves, similar to how the Martuk referred to themselves as 'Brood'. He looked at the image on the front cover and thought about how it had been displayed on their screens when the Terrans had taken control of their vessel.
Cycle 338 - 2236 Galactic year ME standard (2236 cycles after the fall of the Dominion: Terran space, border zone 731/34x)
The Graziknara cruiser dropped out of Negative Space about an hour after they had lost contact with the Martuk freighter they were chasing. Although only an hour had passed in Negative Space, when they slowed down enough to drop into the Real without critically damaging their own systems, it had been almost a full day that had passed outside of the stream. This meant the Martuk ship had a full day of finding somewhere to hide out in this gods forsaken graveyard. The Captain hissed as his subordinate navigations officer updated him with their own exact location and the most likely entry point of their prey.
"Set course," He told the navigator as he forced himself to calm down. "Get the shields up and reset the coil guns. I want the Hydrogen scoop up to start replacing the lost plasma and will someone get the main sensor array functioning again. It's bad enough we've had to chase those snivelling welps into this pit of death, let's make sure we at least make it out."
The crew responded immediately. Outside of the vessel, giant sails erupted from the rear of the craft designed to collect and funnel hydrogen atoms down through the ships interior and into the plasma generators, at the same time large plates of ceramic carbide extended out from the main body of the craft and folded themselves into place, to encompass the main body of the ship with an additional layer of heavy armour. The ship glided silently through the void, every functioning sensor on high alert as they passed through the most hostile area of space in search of their prey and hoping not to become someone else's.
"Captain," One of the Graziknara trackers approached his commander head bowed in submission.
"Speak, Subordinate." Hissed the Captain, not looking in the direction of his underling. Despite the Captain's renown for being a fully fledged member of the Graziknara elite warrior class and reportedly a man without fear, his eyes were focused solely on the sensor sweeps and although he would never admit it, he was scared.
"We have detected the remnants of a breach into Real Space, I believe it could only be our quarry." Replied the Tracker, he waited in silence for further commands.
The captain took far to long to respond, his mind had wandered back to his last visit into Terran space. 'It's been two thousand cycles' they'd told him, surely nothing remained of the Terrans. How wrong they'd been.
"Captain Razaro?" The Tracker questioned the silence, it was a bold move on the part of a Subordinate but one that was required he felt in this instance.
Razaro let the insolence slide knowing he'd been day dreaming instead of fulfilling his duty to the New Dominion. "Relay that information to the helm Subordinate.... Helm!" He barked to re-assert his position.
"Yes Captain." Came the unisoned reply of his subordinates sat at their stations.
"Lay a course for that breach and withdraw the scoops. Get us there quickly."
The large sails retracted and the blue glow of the ion engines of the heavy cruiser burst to life against the blackness of space as the ship moved off in search of it's victim. It was wounded and bleeding, Razaro could taste the fresh kill. All he had to do was survive the void long enough to find it. Razaro let his mind wander again back to the nightmare that haunted him.
Cycle 026 - 1738 Galactic year ME standard (1738 cycles after the fall of the Dominion: Terran space, border zone 231/56b) Official audio log of Squad leader Mintuk Razaro.
"Recon team One to Command."
"Go ahead Rec one.
"Entered border zone 231 56b, entry into Terran space confirmed successful."
"Confirmed Rec one. Proceed to point B and retrieve anything of note on the abomination."
"Confirmed Command. Proceeding to-"
"Incoming signal Squad leader."
"On screen Subordinate.........Explain Subordinate, what am I seeing?"
"Last known location of the target, Squad leader."
"Clearly, but what is that?"
"Considering extra orbital movement and the energy signatures I believe it's some sort of ship, Squad leader."
"Confirm that please Subordinate... Rec one to Command."
"Go ahead Rec one."
"We've detected an unusual energy signature in the vacinity of the target, advise."
"Continue as planned Squad leader."
"Command be advised if readings are correct, this vessel is unknown and potentially hostile."
"Active sensor array confirms signature Squad leader, confirm matching abomination signal, considering the size Sir we believe this could be a command ship."
"Command did you copy last? Please advise."
"Continue as planned Squad leader."

"Confirmed Command, Rec one out."

A/N- Part 2 for you guys that are reading, enjoy and update due on friday.
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2018.09.14 00:39 Bujardino Better way to get data From 3 Different Arrays?

Hi guys, long time lurker and first time posting.
Been doing powershell for a couple of months now, and recently i got tasked with this at work.
Hoping you guys can help me out. Im trying to get data from 3 different arrays. The information of these arrays is getting imported via CSV, and im trying to create an object that checks if the information is in the arrays, and if it is, it will build it with information from all 3 and if it isnt on one or 2 of the arryas the script identifys the missing parts, and also adds it to the object. I got some code that is managing to do this, but its taking a loooong time to process all the information. Can you guys help me make this quicker?
$SEPInfo = Import-Csv -Path C:\Temp\test1.csv -Delimiter "," $AdInfo = Import-Csv -Path C:\Temp\test2.csv -Delimiter "," $LandeskInfo = Import-Csv -Path C:\Temp\test3.csv -Delimiter "," $Group= @() #Gets the computer names from the different arrays $ADComputers = $AdInfo.Name $LandeskComputers = $LandeskInfo."Device Name" $SEPComputers = $SEPInfo."Computer Name" #Identify which arent on active directory $NotInADLan = $LandeskComputers ? {$_ -notin $ADComputers} $NotInADSEP = $SEPComputers ? {$_ -notin $ADComputers} $LanNotinSEP = $NotInADLan ? {$_ -notin $SEPComputers} Foreach ($PC in $AdInfo){ $Sep = $SEPInfo ? {$_."Computer Name" -like "$($PC.Name)"} $LanDesk = $LandeskInfo ? {$_."Device Name" -like "$($PC.Name)"} #Ideal Case if ($Sep -ne $null -and $LanDesk -ne $null){ $Group+= [pscustomobject]@{ Name = $PC.Name AD = 1 Landesk = 1 AV = 1 OS = $PC.Operatingsystem LastLogon = [datetime]::FromFileTime($PC.lastLogon) ClientStatus = $LanDesk.Status HearthBeath = $LanDesk.'Last reported settings' LastUpdate = $LanDesk.'Last Update Scan Date' "Av ClientVersion" = $Sep.'Client Version' VacineVersion = $SEP.'Virus Definitions' AVUpdateTime = $Sep.'Last time status changed' } # Case not in SEP } elseif ($Sep -eq $null -and $LanDesk -ne $null){ $Group+= [pscustomobject]@{ Name = $PC.Name AD = 1 Landesk = 1 AV = 0 OS = $PC.Operatingsystem LastLogon = [datetime]::FromFileTime($PC.lastLogon) ClientStatus = $LanDesk.Status HearthBeath = $LanDesk.'Last reported settings' LastUpdate = $LanDesk.'Last Update Scan Date' "Av ClientVersion" = $null VacineVersion = $null AVUpdateTime = $null } # Case not in LanDesk } elseif ($Sep -ne $null -and $LanDesk -eq $null){ $Group+= [pscustomobject]@{ Name = $PC.Name AD = 1 Landesk = 0 AV = 1 OS = $PC.Operatingsystem LastLogon = [datetime]::FromFileTime($PC.lastLogon) ClientStatus = $null HearthBeath = $null LastUpdate = $null "Av ClientVersion" = $Sep.'Client Version' VacineVersion = $SEP.'Virus Definitions' AVUpdateTime = $Sep.'Last time status changed' } # Case not in both } else { $Group+= [pscustomobject]@{ Name = $PC.Name AD = 1 Landesk = 0 AV = 0 OS = $PC.Operatingsystem LastLogon = [datetime]::FromFileTime($PC.lastLogon) ClientStatus = $null HearthBeath = $null LastUpdate = $null "Av ClientVersion" = $null VacineVersion = $null AVUpdateTime = $null } } } Foreach ($Computer in $NotInADSEP){ $LanDeskSep = $LandeskInfo ? {$_."Device Name" -like "$Computer"} $SepComp = $SEPInfo ? {$_."Computer Name" -like "$Computer"} #SepComp will always contain info if ($LanDeskSep -ne $null){ #Precisamos de verificar se o PC pertence aos que não pertence à AD if ($LanDeskSep."Device Name" -in $NotInADLan){ $Group+= [pscustomobject]@{ Name = $LanDeskSep."Device Name" AD = 0 Landesk = 1 AV = 1 OS = $LanDeskSep."OS Name" LastLogon = $LanDeskSep."Last Logon Date" ClientStatus = $LanDeskSep.Status HearthBeath = $LanDeskSep."Last reported settings" LastUpdate = $LanDeskSep."Last Update Scan Date" "Av ClientVersion" = $SepComp."Client Version" VacineVersion = $SepComp."Virus Definitions" AVUpdateTime = $SepComp."Last time status changed" }# No need for this else } } else{ $Group+= [pscustomobject]@{ Name = $SepComp."Computer Name" AD = 0 Landesk = 0 AV = 1 OS = $SepComp."Operating System" LastLogon = $null ClientStatus = $null HearthBeath = $null LastUpdate = $null "Av ClientVersion" = $SepComp."Client Version" VacineVersion = $SepComp."Virus Definitions" AVUpdateTime = $SepComp."Last time status changed" } } } #This one is for the remaining PCs Foreach ($Comp in $LanNotinSEP){ $LanDeskComps = $LandeskInfo ? {$_."Device Name" -like "$Comp"} $Group+= [pscustomobject]@{ Name = $LanDeskComps."Device Name" AD = 0 Landesk = 1 AV = 0 OS = $LanDeskComps."OS Name" LastLogon = $LanDeskComps."Last Logon Date" ClientStatus = $LanDeskComps.Status HearthBeath = $LanDeskComps."Last reported settings" LastUpdate = $LanDeskComps."Last Update Scan Date" "Av ClientVersion" = $null VacineVersion = $null AVUpdateTime = $null } } 
Thank you in advance, and sorry for my english.

#Edit for code correction
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2018.08.22 10:23 Getsomedamage The Woods! Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad. Vanilla. NOOB Friendly. Wiped 8/16

How To Connect To The Woods Rust Server Hit F1 to bring up your in-game console Copy and paste the following into the console: connect The Woods Rust Server Rules! + Basic Rules --- Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad. No more than four bodies in a base OR auth'd on a TC. --- Trading is completely open ended. Do not complain about what someone has received. --- This is a game and we are all here to have fun. If you are contributing to the detriment of the community, you will be warned and/or banned*. - Things NOT allowed in The Woods --- No Bigotry, Harassment, or Hate Speech of any kind is welcomed! --- No Griefing. i.e. (Taking over other's bases or building walls around another's base. No turrets can be placed in a manner that wouldn't allow someone to get out of their own base or walk within its general vacinity) --- No disrespecting Admins/Owners --- No camping Naked Spawns --- No cheating or hacking. (This should be obvious and if evidence is given, then you will be banned indefinitely.) --- No advertising other Rust/Discord servers. The server wipe dates will go as follows: Full map and BP wipes will occur on the last Thursday of every month. Map wipes (keep BP's) will occur on the second Thursday of every month. This will keep the cycles on a consistent with a 28 day span! Get them grinding shoes on, boys. In attempts to get the Rust server and Discord servers populated with an active community The Woods is giving away a $25 steam gift card every month to the person who recruits the most each month! Just have the person you recruited message Wander, Winnie, or Dämäge letting them know that you sent them! Names will be logged and the winner will be announced at the end of the month! 
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2018.07.24 12:19 assessment_bot [ Fatal(2) ] [ 07/08/2018 ] Robinson R44, Williamsburg/ VA

On July 8, 2018, about 1633 eastern daylight time, a Robinson R44-II, N616HS, was destroyed when it impacted a condominium building in Williamsburg, Virginia. The commercial pilot on-board the helicopter and one resident in the building were fatally injured. Day visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time, and no flight plan was filed for the flight, which originated from Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport (JGG), Williamsburg, Virginia about 1640 and was destined for Stafford Regional Airport (RMN), Stafford, Virginia. The helicopter was privately owned and operated by the commercial pilot under the provisions of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91.
The pilot had flown from RMN to the JGG earlier that morning to attend a meeting at the airport. Airport personnel reported that the helicopter had been refueled, topping off both fuel tanks, prior to departure from JGG.
Review of preliminary Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) air traffic control radar data show the helicopter departed JGG about 1630, and then headed north toward the accident site. The helicopter climbed to a pressure altitude of about 1,700 feet. After reaching 1,700 feet, the helicopter leveled off, and the groundspeed increased from about 60 knots to about 110 knots over the next 1.5 minutes. The helicopter then entered a right decreasing radius turn, while descending, until tracking coverage was lost. At the last recorded position, the helicopter was in the vacinity of the accident site, descending at a rate greater than 10,000 feet per minute.
Several witnesses near the accident site described the helicopter as flying low, one estimated its height at about 100 feet above the ground, as it approached the two-story condominium complex. They described it as flying relatively straight and level or slightly descending, before suddenly pitching nose down and descending into the roof of the building. One witness described the helicopter as "rocking back and forth unsteadily" just before it pitched downward. Another witness located about 100 yards south of accident site recalled the engine making a "constant sound" as it flew over his head.
The helicopter impacted a two-story 10 unit condominium building located about 3 nautical miles north of JGG. The main wreckage came to rest inside the north end of the building, with some components including a section of the tail rotor drive shaft found along the 70-foot wreckage path extending from the building on a heading of about 20 magnetic.
Examination of the wreckage revealed that all the major components of the helicopter were present at the accident site except for the tail boom, the tail rotor, and tail rotor gearbox. The vertical stabilizer and aft bulkhead and a section of the tail rotor guard were located, however fire and building collapse damage prevented access to several areas surrounding the main wreckage. Many of the components were partially or completely consumed by a post-crash fire. Remnants of the removable copilot side controls were found near their stowed position. Remnants of all the pilot side controls were present. All hydraulic controls were identified with portions of all the push-pull rods extending from the hydraulic actuators. Portions of the flight control rods were thermally damaged. All main and tail rotor flight control rod ends were secure to their attachment points at both ends, except for the tail rotor gear box connection which was not recovered. The transmission input sheave (pully) was manually rotated in both the locking and freewheeling modes, and the main rotor drive shaft rotated with the sheave, with some interference from a damaged flex coupling. A score mark on the aft face of the upper sheave was about 4 inches long in the direction of rotation. The leading edges of both main rotor blades were dented and bent in several locations and remained attached to the rotor hub. About 1 foot of each tip of both blade spars were not recovered and most of the remainder of the main rotor blades were consumed by fire. The tail rotor gearbox mounting bolts were fractured consistent with overload. The transmission continuity was confirmed from the upper sheave to the main rotor mast and to the intermediate flex coupling. The main and auxiliary fuel tanks were severely damaged. The cap on the main tank was in place, the cap on the auxiliary tank was missing. Portions of the main and auxiliary fuel tanks were consumed by post-crash fire.
The engine crankshaft was rotated freely by hand. Both oil coolers, one on each side of the engine, exhibited grinding damage in line with the starter ring gear. Thumb compression and suction were present on all cylinders, though weaker on cylinder No. 5. The cylinder head and intake pipe for cylinder No. 5 received impact damage, and debris was found in the intake. All spark plugs exhibited normal wear and coloration as compared to the Champion check-a-plug chart, the number 4 and 6 bottom spark plugs were oil-soaked. Both magnetos were impact and fire damaged and could not be tested. Borescope inspection of all cylinders did not reveal any damage or scoring marks on piston tops, cylinder walls or valves. The fuel injection servo inlet screen was free of debris. The butterfly valve was found in the full open position however the input control rod was damaged and not connected, the mixture control actuator was too damaged to determine its position. The mixture control knob in the cockpit was found in the full rich position. All six fuel injector nozzles were found unobstructed.
A review of helicopter maintenance logbooks revealed that the most recent annual inspection was performed by the helicopter manufacturer on August 24, 2017, at an airframe total time of 619 hours, as part of the 12-year inspection and overhaul maintenance recommendation. The most recent recorded maintenance was an oil change and was performed on January 26, 2018 at an airframe total time of 649 hours. The airframe total time at the time of the accident could not be determined.
According to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) airman records, the 85-year-old pilot held a commercial pilot certificate with ratings for airplane single engine land, airplane multiengine land, instrument-airplane, and rotorcraft-helicopter. A review of his logbook revealed he had accumulated 5,693 total hours of flight experience, of which 1,919 hours were in rotorcraft, and of those, 545 hours were in the same make and model as the accident helicopter.
Category Data Category Data Category Data
Event Id: 20180708X12242 Investigation Type: Accident Accident Number: ERA18FA187
Event Date: 07/08/2018 Location: Williamsburg, VA Country: United States
Latitude: 37.288333 Longitude: -76.729445 Airport Code: JGG
Airport Name: Williamsburg-Jamestown Injury Severity: Fatal(2) Aircraft Damage: Destroyed
Aircraft Category: Helicopter Registration Number: N616HS Make: Robinson
Model: R44 Amateur Built: No Number of Engines: 1
Engine Type: Reciprocating FAR Description: Part 91: General Aviation Schedule:
Purpose of Flight: Personal Air Carrier: Total Fatal Injuries: 2
Total Serious Injuries: Total Minor Injuries: Total Uninjured:
Weather Condition: VMC Broad Phase of Flight: CRUISE Report Status: Preliminary
Publication Date: 07/20/2018
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2018.07.16 20:20 UpscaleBiker Thought Id found my next LT SB

I signed up for SA again a bit over a month ago. I wasnt having the best of luck. Lots of girls that flaked, some escorts (which isnt what Im looking for), and some that the chemistry just wasnt there.
I think I only had 7 days left on my membership when I started talking to this POT. The conversation was immediately smooth and easy. We messaged a few times, moved to text, talked quite a bit as I was away for work when we started talking and wasnt home for a few more days. When I got home we met for what was supposed to be a drink, but it turned in to a few drinks, icecream, walking around, sitting in a park, and then walking her home (in the vacinity of her place). She was cuter than her pics, and talking to each other was just as easy in person. We kissed several times during the M&G.
We then talked about arrangement details. We were both looking for the same things, and we were both happy with what the other wanted. So were moving forward. We set a date for our first intimate date together. But it was a week away, and we met up one more time before that, just for a drink, because we wanted to see each other.
Intimate date went great. Picked her up, supper, drinks, nice hotel, spent the night together, dropped her off in the morning in time for her to get ready for work and for me to go to work.
We then made plans for our next date, which was about a week and a half away, because I had to go away again for a week. But before I went away, we hung out again. I needed to go pick something up, so she came with me. I had eaten supper, but she hadnt, so we stopped somewhere that she requested and I bought her supper.
Everything up until this point has seemed great. Lots of talking and texting and getting to know each other, and we both seem to be on the same page. A few platonic hang outs (which is something we both said we wanted, to be able to just hang out between actual dates), and one over night date.
Then the week I am gone, Im noticing shes being a bit less communicative. I mention it and ask if everything is good. She says it is, and I take her word for it rather than trusting my gut. I have a nice hotel booked for us the night I get back, and I got a package with some extra perks that needed to be paid upfront. She waited until 2 hours before I was supposed to go pick her up to tell me shes on her period, and asked if I wanted to cancel. I said I didnt want to cancel, that I still wanted to see her, there are still options for having sex at this time but if shes a no sex girl during that time of the month I would respect that completely. I told her the room is already paid for so I have it either way, and I missed her. Then she says shes not up to it, because she cant provide what I actually want. Even though Ive told her i like her and genuinely enjoy spending time with her, we both know what I am actually here for! Her words. *my jaw kinda dropped reading this text*
My response was that something has clearly changed, and I am very sorry to hear that she feels that way, even though it isnt silence after that. I texted her 2 days later to ask what went wrong, and havent recieved a response.
I would have been happy just to do supper and drinks, hang out and talk, cuddle and spend the night together, without sex......and on all of our platonic hang outs I never preasured her or made things sexual, we just hung out. So Im not sure what actually happened. I thought I had struck gold, but it seems like she changed her mind.
It sucks because I praised her for her good communication skills previously, but she decided to wait until the last minute, which meant there was no way for me to salvage the hotel reservation I had made. And I hate that she said all I wanted was sex. I feel like that just had to be her excuse, because I dont see how I could have made her feel that way.
Anyways, just wanted to write this out. A bit of a rant. Sorry for the length. I think Ill wait until summer is over before jumping back on SA. Good luck to everyone else that is searching.
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2017.12.18 23:57 dmou [Help] "Reverse pulling" / GSD moving extremely slow during the walk

Hey, everyone!
I have a two and half years old german shepherd and he was never a pulling dog, but not lazy either. We go for a walk/jog since he was 5 months old, 5 or 6 times a week, so it's not he isn't used to it, but now, during the walk, for about 90% of the time he is behind me and around 50% of the time I have to literally push him, with him completely behind me, as far as the leash allows him to. A funny thing is: he is not lazy to go after other dogs or sniff things during the walk.
I have tried different leashes and collars, no result. Also tried going for a walk on different times (8 AM, 5 PM, 7 PM) and routes. No change.
He is a little overweight, but at home he is far from his unergetic out for a walk persona. Right before the walk he even does that "OMG, I can't believe I'm going for a walk" thing everyday, running around, jumping, following me, but then we get to the park and he changes into this elderly lazy dog.
He has no eating problems (eats x2 a day) and his vacines all are up to date.
It wasn't such a big deal at the beggining, but now it's getting to a point were the walk (can't even try to jog anymore) is almost unbearable.
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2016.11.08 21:33 go-travel 10 weeks caribbean island hopping free giveaway

To be honest: That's only half the story 😜but continue reading.. My name is thomas i am 25 years old and german. I try to spend as much time as possible traveling to see and discover the world.
About 1.5 years ago i met a girl from mexico in some grumpy hostel in bratislava. We became friends and a bit more. And although there is a hugh distance between our countries we managed to see each other several times. even if it was just 3 days, which actually didn't make sence to fly to mexico for 3 days but anyways. At the beginning of this summer she kind of moved in to my place ro see how it works out to live together. So far so good. In august we booked flights for 10 weeks caribbean island hopping next year but as things continuously went wrong it was necessary to stop this whatever it was in the end. Guess that's called trial and error.
Unfortunately it's neither possible to cancle the flights nor to change the name for most of them. Nevertheless someone could possibly use them. It would be a waste to let them expire. We shouldn't pay airlines for nothing ;)
So if your name or a friends' friends name is by any chance
and you were borne on (for some flights that doesn't matter)
9TH of JULY 1988
And you are interested in visiting the caribbean i would like to give thes flights to you. It's just the flights and not even all of them. I don't want any money for this. Also i don't expext you to travel with me. It's just not wasting or losing the tickets. Some of the flights can be used as single flights others can't as the were booked in a bundle.
The itinerary of the already booked flights is as following:
Flight 1&2 go together: 1. - 28th JAN 2017: MTY (Monterrey, mexico) to MEX (mexico,mexico) 2. - 28th JAN 2017: MEX to BOG (bogota, columbia). - Seats are at the window and baggage is included. - Name changes are possible 70U$ incl tax. - Birthday doesn't matter
Flight 3 can be used as a single flight: 3. - 29th JAN 2017: BOG (Bogota, columbia) to AUA (oranjestad, aruba) - seat not yet chosen and baggage of 23kg included - i think it's possible to change the date for this flight too. 75 U$ - birthday doesn't matter
Flights 4&5 come together 4. - 1st FEB 2017: AUA (oranjestad, auruba) to CUR (curacao) 5. - 3rd FEB 2017: CUR to POS (port of spain, trinidad) - seats not yet chosen and baggage of 23kg included - i have no idea if the birthday matters
Flights 6&7 come also together 6. - 9th FEB 2017: TOB (tobago) to POS 7. - 9th FEB 2017: POS to GND (point salines, grenada - no seats chosen and baggage should be 23kg - no idea if the birthday matters
Flights 8-13 must all be flown in the order listened and as soon as you skip/miss one the rest is lost. 8. - 17th FEB 2017: SVD (et joshua, st vincent & grenadines) to SLU (george fl charles, st. Lucia) 9. - 21st FEB 2017: SLU to FDF (fort de france, martinique) 10. - 4th MAR 2017: PTP (pointe a pitre, goudeloupe) to ANU (vc bird, antigua) 11. - 11th MAR 2017: ANU to SKB (robert l bradshaw, st. Kitts) 12. - 17th MAR 2017: SKB to SXM (princess juliana, sint maarten) 13. - 23rd MAR 2017: SXM to EIS (tortola, british virgin islands - seats are not yet chosen and baggage is 23kg - no idea if birthday matters - there is one flight from the bvi back to guadeloupe but i don't know the date right now.
Flight 14 may be used as a single flights 14 31st MAR or 1st APR 2017 (i have ro check the dates) PTP (pointe a pitre, goudeloupe) to paris (i don't know rhe exact airport right now
Still reading? As good as this sounds there are more things at your own expense. Such as
  1. A ferry or any kind of connection from POS to TOB. I'll take the ferry.
  2. a connection from grenada to st. Vincent. i'll take a ferry from st. Georges,grenada to carriacou, greneda. From there to union island, st vincent & grenadines. From union island i take another ferry to bequia island,st vincent and from bequia to kingstown, st. Vincent, too
  3. any kind of connection from martinique to gouadeloupe. there is a ferry from martinique to dominica which i already booked for 1 person. same with the ferry from dominica to guadeloupe.
  4. you needed all hotels or hostels or any other kind of accomodation. I try to do mostly couchsurfing & i already found people to do so in most of the places. For all other places i have a hotel for myself
  5. if you don't start in mexico you have to get your own return ticket to the caribbean. Starting points could be:
  6. Monterrey, mexico
  7. Bogota, columbia
  8. Aruba
  9. port of spain, trinidad
  10. tobago
  11. as some islands require a yellow fever vacination after visiting trinidad&tobago you most likely have to get that one too.
  12. food & activities
  13. if necessary visa Calculate 75-125U$/day to be on the safe side when you want to do lots of things on the islands. Maybe even a bit more as this is the highseason.
Additional things i'll do
  1. one or 2 days on marie galante. Starting from guadeloupe
  2. from antigua i fly to montserrat for 2 nights. Also i plan to go to barbuda for a day
  3. from st. Kitts i'll go to nevis for 1/2/3 days
  4. i plan to go to st. Eustatius or saba depending on flights/ferries for 1/2 days
  5. from sint maarten i will fly to st. Barth and return by plane/ferry as a daytrip
  6. also from sint maartin i'll go to anguilla for a day
  7. i plan several trips in the other british virgine islands besides tortola
  8. after the british virgin islands i go to the us virgin islands by ferry and take a flight to puerto rico And a few days later to nyc to spend a day there. From there i return back home.
For further information message me See you then, Thomas
(For us americans and other i-like-to-sue-you-countries only): I'm not responsible for any kind of difficulties during your travels. All information are given according to my best knowledge. Conditions apply
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2016.10.03 20:33 erreeet Questions regarding the current Resident Evil universe timeline.

So the universe of Resident Evil has an appalling amount of bio-terrorism, a similar situation with our world but with religion being involved instead of Bioterrorism.
The first game began 1996, 3 years after my birthday and the latest game took place in 2012, I would be 19. So overall, 16 god damn years of bio-terrorism with the final escalation being multiple countries including the US in a war against bio-monstrosities.
I'm unsure when RE7 takes place but I'm gonna assume 2017 since the game is released that year.
So my questions are:
Could the current virus in RE7 simply be an aftermath of Simmons damage?
Why would the main protagonist and his wife be travelling to remote locations, surely after RE6, any travelling would be under increble restrictions?
The tapes in the game and the demo make no mention of Raccoon or any other attacks, its like the events never existed.
Would it be natural that the protagonist has some combat skills? Japan has numerous trainings incase of earthquakes, US schools have practice drills regarding school shootings and since the world of RE has a virus attack ever sunrise, wouldn't the general population be more knowledgable about defending oneself: how to identify a plant that is bigger than you/trying to eat you, how to tell the difference between your fellow neighbour and a blood-soaked mindless creature with its organs used as a chainsaw or how to notice a virus mutating before your eyes into a 10ft tall virus beef cake within seconds?
No way can the world recover so quickly with no lasting affects on wildlife, ecosystem, social and government structures etc. The world must be so fucked up and its practically impossible to sweep the entire planet to remove every virus from A to Z, even the oceans got infected from the T-Abyss.
Again, the Bakers shouldn't be infected, the government would issuing vaccines every month before RE6 even happened. Africa, the Raccoon city vacinity, a city in the sea wiped out by using orbital mirrors, two cruise ships, a train, South America, Spain, Paris etc all have been exposed. All very obvious incentives to keep the public up to date on vaccines and medical outbreaks to overcome the virus or potential contact with a virus/infected person/wildlife.
Not only that, you got natural Plaga in Spain, the plaga harvest from deep sea fish and the original origin of the T-virus itself in the heart of Africa.
I'm really interested what the world is like after RE6 but I fear RE7 will ignore what happened which should be common news by now in-universe. Personally, I think the Baker family is just one of many unknown locations around the globe that went unchecked/missed after RE6, 5, 4 and every spin-off. Surely a string of strange murders would escalate into a full invesitgation by the military followed by burning the entire area down to kill any chances of the virus comnig back.
I bet the amazon equivalent in Resident Evil universe is flooded with ebooks simply titled like:
My story: How I survived 'insert a virus outbreak'
'insert survivor's full name': Survivor
Or whatever. Maybe I'm thinking too hard regarding the lore of RE.
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2015.10.05 15:52 Sakey_Isu Respawn Disabled- SOV Space & Small Gang Pvp- Join Today!!

Respawn Disabled is a member of [INIT.] The Initiative. We are a small UStz Sov and NPC Null PVP corporation looking to grow our member base. We are currently looking for both active PVP and PVE pilots in EU and US tz. We make heavy use of jump clones and change our scenery fairly regularly.
What we offer:
*Defended space in sov null.
*Access to multiple null sec constellations.
*Logistics services to each of our stagings
*Small gang to coalition PVP and everything in between.
*Operational freedom for FCs
*Ore buyback for Industrialists.
*Fun and laid back social environment.
What we are looking for:
*Content creators (FCs)
*Expert inty/interdictor pilots
*Cap pilots
*Super pilots
*Super awesome pilots
*Active on our comms.
*Willing to use alliance services.
*Willing to train into current and future alliance doctrine ships.
*Active Participation in fleets.
We recommended you have:
*15m SP+ (though any SP pilot may apply)
*Racial Cruiser V
*Racial Battleship IV
*The ability to take a joke and have a good time
We Require:
*Good attitude (or poor attitude but extremely competent)
*Full Account APIs for all accounts in and out of the alliance
*18+ years of age
*A working microphone, non-annoying voice,
*We may also request a signed letter from a parental unit assuring us that you are an all around good guy and that your vacinations are up to date.
Interested? Join our recruiting channel "NSPWN Public" for more information!
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