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Valium is amazing

2018.05.04 18:56 majiinkhan Valium is amazing

so ive had prior experience with a number of substances, last year (2017 - March-sept) particularly i had a really bad xanax addiction which i could get easily, I engaged in some oxy from time to time particularly endone. i know my pharma, kinda studying it in uni lol. so i went cold turkey for a while and it affected a lot of my relationship with family, got depression and a lot of anger. fast forward now, ive been trapping (selling some xanax, no pressed shit proper kalma [50x2mg bars]) but i don't really like doing xanax, it really makes me stupid, cant remember shit and makes me really angry. i don't know why people do it. I've tried Valium before but never more than 10mg, I love the euphoria, and ive been doing my 'pharma' research and really would benefit from diazepam (Valium) more than xanax. ive tried loreazapam and i hated it. dont want that shit. I'm not a bartard as they as anymore (moved passed that) . I've got a hold of some anetex (50x5mg diazepam), i can easily control doses, i aim for therapeutic doses rather than recreational. I find that Valium sedates me, not as much euphoria as before and definitely not as long lasting as xanax. however i enjoy this, i don't feel cooked or fried and can function, i usually take it to sleep and smoke a little weed, gets me total laxed. my advice is don't do xanax because its cool kids, do your research find whats right for you. there are people who actually benefit from xanax and they need it. ive had my experiences, done my research and found that Valium works for me, i dont intend to abuse it but use it when necessary. im interested in trying ritrovil (clonazepam), see what works for me. IMO if i take 10mg before bed of Valium i can still remember the night before opposed to xanax, however that depends on how much xanax you take.
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